FIFA 19: 7 Things That Career Mode Needs To Focus On

EA announced that FIFA19 will end Hunt’s story and introduce two other playable characters.

The career model of FIFA17 is a succinct start. After 18, a few layers of customization mechanism have been added. Now, to FIFA19, it is expected to undergo major changes around this model. It’s also a good time because the Hunter soap opera style football career has begun to become a bit hollow.

Compared with the career model that was dominated by PES and made its debut in FIFA08 but is still unremarkable, but also firmly tied, this improvement of career mode should be a kind of patience. reward. Because it still needs more time to make adjustments, but for now, it still needs a lot of improvement. Will it be achieved this year? It is possible that this may take another year to integrate before EA makes FIFA20. If there is nothing else, EA must provide more than last year, and they must start pushing this model to become a career model that rivals other sports games.

7. More personalized than ever before

In the career mode of FIFA18, players can unlock new hairstyles, clothing choices and tattoos, which is a great experience. In general, although there is not enough energy to invest in the game, it is impossible for anyone to create the Hunt they want.

EA already has a complete player creation portfolio in FIFA, and it’s time to start bringing more functional elements to the career model. There is no reason not to do so. If they like, EA can still keep some special unlocked content, which can only be unlocked after a predetermined number of matches have been reached or a certain amount of money has been earned.

These are all good, but they shouldn’t be the only way to customize your players.

A GTA-style clothing store may be the best choice. If EA can achieve this, or at least give fans a reason to change the look of Hunter, then these customizations will become especially important.

6. More real player characters and conversations

Interacting with real-life football players is the most attractive part of the career model. When Hunt happened to meet Dortmund star Royce, this is true in FIFA17, not to mention FIFA18, C Ronaldo and Henry and others will also appear in the World Cup, all this will become More impressive.

In FIFA19, EA began to imitate the excellent work of them and Henry, and it is vital that real teammates participate in the story.

It is true that this is very difficult. For example, shaping Bell into a very heart-warming guy who hates Hunter to join Real Madrid will be a bit of a risky move. Failure to do so is a crisis public relations. However, if EA really wants these stories to come true, this is also a must.

Gamers will see other Real Madrid stars, such as Modric, Cross, and Marcelo, and there are plots here and there. Early game snippets show that such a situation may be true. It is not impossible to make the most of the player’s interest.

5. Better RPG style conversation options

Also in the early episodes, Hunt was interviewed after his first Champions League. However, seeing the above illustration, the player’s heart may be a bit stunned, because it is difficult to not notice the same “hot”, “cold” and “balanced” dialogue options as FIFA18.

I can only hope that it will be more profound.

In general, this option will make the player a straightforward idiot, a full-fledged good man, or a balance between the two. If the player chooses the latter, there will be no actual consequences, which makes no sense. This is unrealistic. Even the calmest players will have trouble at some point in their career.

Career patterns must have better choices to truly influence the entire game world. One way to solve this problem is to interview Hunter about the game and even the characters, and also change the relationship with the teammates.

4. Some elements of the open world

Although the NBA 2K League’s community system is flawed, it encourages the exploration of the open world and provides the depth of player freedom that is not available in the FIFA career model. If EA can let the player complete the journey, it would be great.

Very interesting, isn’t it? The career mode in the FIFA series is called “journey”, but in fact,  does not allow players to make any travel on their own.

Aside from these jokes, EA must abandon their design choices to limit what the players see and let them guide the story. Now is the time to let us be some of the normal life aspects of professional football players, to see what their daily life is like, such as sneak shots away from the paparazzi, or away from the game day.

Developers don’t need to go too far in this area. No one is suggesting to turn the content of The Sims into FIFA. No, but in addition to cutscenes, mini-games and games, it needs more changes.

3.  Pay more attention to actual goals

In FIFA’s career model, management’s expectations are simply cruel, and fair, this may be the real way football works. The managers will set goals for the US and Russian season players, and they will list what they want from the bench players in the last half hour.

Despite this, in the FIFA18 competition, expectations of player performance did not affect Hunt’s story. What is the point of this? If Hunter does not matter, then it should not be there.

EA can make up for this by increasing the importance of the goal. More importantly, when the player exceeds the goal, he can make another promotion to show the importance of his meaning.

For example, in FIFA18, when you are in a lower difficulty game, you can easily score four or five goals. No one seems to notice this. So if you can see some common stories about the three main characters, it would be great, and these roles reflect their respective developments.

2. Hunt’s story, satisfactory ending

Alex Hunter, this player has seen the process from a small player to a superstar and a global icon. The career model of FIFA19 will be the end of his story. No one wants to see his sad side in this last chapter.

If this is the last time EA has put fans on Hunter’s boots, then let it be an exciting whirlwind, ending with a satisfying explosion, not a failure. Some people worry that if the EA shifts its focus to the other two roles, the latter situation may happen.

For Hunt, this is the most important moment of the journey, not just a goal in childhood, or in a trial competition in FIFA17. If he does not have a good conclusion, then his contribution will not be influential.

1. Really your own custom role

Although in the game “FIFA19”, the story of the three will be cool,  EA still does not give fans what they want. Almost everyone is eager to have a unique, customized experience that allows them to create something that fills the stadium and makes headlines.

It’s like EA has been testing with Hunter before giving the player a tailored gaming experience. They must know that story mode can play a role in football games. Now that they have done it, of course, they need to go further and invite players to shape their protagonists from the very beginning.

If you get to the next year’s work, players will find that they can truly achieve full customization of the career mode role, it is really too sensational. Who said EA can’t start preparing for FIFA20 right away?

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