FIFA 19: Konami Lost the Champions League Licence for PES

“Konami has become a strong partner in the licensing of the UEFA and UEFA Europa League, in our very unique video game competitions and as part of the electronic sports organized for UEFA Champions League championships,” according to events director Gore Lorent Epstein at UEFA.

“It is a mutually beneficial and cooperative partnership, and UEFA wants to thank Konami for his tremendous promise and support for UEFA competitions over the past decade and we hope to continue to work with Konami in the UEFA national football team.”

News Now opens the door for EA Sports to bid for a license for FIFA 19. If you want to know something about FIFA 19 coins, read more.

Surname EA has the rights to use the Premier League, the Spanish league and many other leagues, but the players have long been hoping to return the Champions League (called the Cup of Champions in the game).

There is a greater FIFA base than the Konami title – with millions of players around the world.

This, in addition to EA’s driving title in major sports – and the upcoming FIFA World Cup eWorld – can make America’s attractive partner for UEFA.

Konami and UEFA were happy because the original agreement was signed in 2009.

The recent deal allowed Konami to use all icon and presentation elements associated with exclusive competitions within the PES series.

At the time of signing the transaction, Guy Laurent-Epstein, Marketing Director, UEFA Events SA commented: “We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with Konami and expand our collaboration with him.

“This new round offers the opportunity to build a closer working relationship, which allows us to revitalize them in new and exciting ways, and engage in the same fans around the world.