FIFA 19 News:King of Despair! C Ronaldo

C Ronaldo scored two goals in a single game to help Juventus, who was behind in the early stages, to reversal and win. The second ball of C Ronaldo scored extremely high quality. This is a fast-moving meteor-like long-range force and angle, which is launched on the right side of the restricted area. By C Ronaldo’s super shot, the hard-boiled ball hits the left corner of the goal, and the speed is fast enough to lead the opponent’s goalkeeper despair.

At that time, Matuyidi broke the ball and the president took the ball on the right side of the forbidden zone. C Ronaldo’s catching shots rarely had muddy water. This time, it was also very concise, with the right foot stopped, followed by the outer side of the foot. Twisting the adjustment to the outside, followed by a vigorous slamming of the instep.

The position of this shot is close to the right corner of the penalty area. The position is slightly biased, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s leg strength is extremely terrible so that the ball moves in the restricted area according to the diagonal track. After crossing the fingertips of the opponent’s goalkeeper, the goal is The upper left corner, it should be said that Empoli goalkeeper has done everything he can, but C Ronaldo’s angle is too embarrassing, so that he can not complete the save.

This ball can definitely rank in the top five in all the long-range masterpieces of C Ronaldo. The quality is not inferior to the goal of breaking Barcelona on the edge of the penalty area in the 2017 World War, and C Ronaldo’s long-range shot is mostly after the ball is cut in the left or catches the ball. The shot, the long-range shot on the right is rare.

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