FIFA 19 News: Real Madrid Hopes To Sign HHazardd In January And Chase Neymar In The Summer

According to Serge Radio, Real Madrid hopes to sign Hazard in January and then continue to fight for Neymar next summer.

Sergey Radio said that Real Madrid once again considered Hazard ‘s shot, Florentino hopes to win Hazard in the winter transfer window in January. The Belgian contract expired in the summer of 2020, so Real Madrid hopes to “sign Hazard at a relatively reasonable price.”

Chelsea did not participate in the Champions League this season, so for Real Madrid, if you can sign Hazard in the winter, then the Belgians will be able to participate in the knockout stage of the Champions League.

However, Searle Radio said that signing Hazard does not mean that Real Madrid will not make a difference next summer. Florentino will continue to fight for Neymar next summer.

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