FIFA 19 Platinum Trophy Unlocking Conditions And Techniques (Part One)

FIFA19 contains 42 trophies, some of which are more demanding to unlock so many players may not know how to quickly and easily these trophies. Today, I will share with you the FIFA19 Platinum Experience introduced by “xiaowang41”, I hope to help you.

For the stand-alone part, it is recommended to go to the setting to adjust the shooting speed of the ball to the ball speed to 100, the error is 0; the computer is the opposite.

Historical reproduction

In the “Football Journey” against the high-scoring game, the left foot volleyed into the ball.

Basketball dream

The goal of the Venice basketball court on the “Football Journey”.

Let you play

Successful completion of a “soccer journey” instructor challenge


Win the UEFA Champions League in the “Football Journey”.


Win FIFA Women’s World CupTM in the “Football Journey”.

The above five process cups, the plot can all jump, the sister story is all finished, the two brothers only need to play hunter, the new chapter begins to choose to simulate the entire chapter of another person to save time.

It is recommended to play Hunter because it needs to be 100% brushed with the instructor. Open a training session with the instructor after the training. The method of brushing is to assist each other during the game. It is recommended to choose Benma as a mentor because it is close to the goal.

Students who do a little can train repeated failures to save time on their own. After the customs clearance, you can repeatedly choose Henry’s basketball court 3V3, and the midfielder L2 will extend the brush into the basket.

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