Today we take a look at 97 TOTY Kevin De Bruyne. KDB won the TOTY item for the second time after the Manchester City team broke the record and helped Belgium win the third place in the World Cup. Like all other TOTY cards, KDB has some significant improvements in stats in the game:




Pace: As an attacking midfielder, his speed is fast enough. If you want him to play like a CAM, you can easily add PACE chemistry to him, but for me, the basic speed of his 87 is enough. He is already faster than most of the midfielders he will face, and his speed is enough to surpass them or catch up with them.


Finishing: So far it’s perfect, all the TOTY attackers I’ve tried have perfect shooting, and KDB is no exception. His subtle shots are like missiles, and you don’t even need timed it to score. I even hit a few red lights and he shot the ball in.


Long Shots $ Shot Power: Like the TOTY CR7, this is one of the only players I have confidence in this year to make a real long shot. He can really hit them. He scored me from different angles, in different directions, and even outside the penalty area.


Dribbling: He has enough flexibility, ball control and dribbling to get out of trouble and create space for passing and shooting. His reaction is very good, so he can immediately return to normal. His first touch is absolutely perfect. When the dribble, the ball is a little far from him, but he always catches up and grabs it.


Strangth & Aggression: He is so strong and aggressive in the game. He will not be bullied, he will win a lot of confrontation in important areas.


Aerial Ability: He may only be “5 feet 11 inches”, only 74 feet high, but for some reason he jumps very well in the air. Won a lot of shots and scored the header.


Skill Moves & Weat Foot: 4-starskill moves is a must for me. His speed, dribbling and physical quality mean he is very good at execution. Weak foot is the most important aspect of this card, because it means he can do all of these things with either foot. This made him a truly unpredictable player – no matter what foot he was forced to step on, he could still cast his magic.



Balance: The smallest of cons, but at times, you feel the “lower” balance. It’s really rare, and you’ll only notice it if he’s at full speed and being jostled for the ball. 100% could be fixed by an Engine chem style.

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