FIFA 19 Player Review – UCL Live Renato Sanches – UEFA Champions League Player Cards

FITF 17’s OTW has never been achieved, FIFA 18’s World Cup has never been upgraded, and now FIFA 19 brings a new Renato Sanches, and will eventually live up to expectations.

Every version of Renato Sanchez I have used seems to be perfectly adapted to the dominance of FIFA, and this new version does not seem to be any different. Depending on the situation in the game, I will cycle through a number of different formations that often reveal the limitations of different players on my team.



86 Acceleration & 86 Sprint Speed is enough, you can feel that Sang to Chase glides on the court effortlessly. When intercepting the attacker, he behaved very tough and can knock the attacker to the ground. On the court, Sanchez was able to pull away from most of the midfield, which gave him time and space to choose to pass or attack. I don’t think Sanchez is fast, but he can stay ahead in the weekend league.

Pace Rating: 8.7/10  



Passing & Dribbling

Add the Engine Chemistry to UCL Live Sanches has additional benefits in both Passing and Dribbling. From the perspective of passing, 5 assists is not a big reward for 20 games. Considering that Sanchez spent a lot of time on the bench, I hope he can have more performance. The combination of 97 Balance and 79 Strength makes taking the ball away from Sanchez’s feet is a difficult task. In addition, a compact player architecture with 83 Agility and 85 Ball Control is a perfect combination.

Passing Rating: 7.5/10
Dribbling Rating: 9/10 




Renato Sanches always seems to ignore the shooting category. I swear that this card can have 60 Shooting satas, and as usual, he also scored a lot of goals in the midfield this weekend. The 4-star weak foot feels like a 5-star, no matter which foot you use to shoot. Using Sniper Chemistry on Sanches can increase his shooting statistics to 80+.

Shooting Rating: 8.4/10


Defending and Physical

I don’t think these two categories require a lot of information. Everyone knows now that when you put Renato Sanches on your team, you are releasing a beast to your opponent. Endurance is the key. Renato doesn’t seem to be tired. Even in the 120th minute, he is tracking the attacker and linking your defense to the offense. Height is a “small” problem, and 82 Jumping further proves the physical sample you got when you bought this card.

Defending Rating: 8.5/10
Physical Rating: 9/10


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