Today we are going to pay attention to the 87-rated new generation of headliners Son. As one of the protagonists of the event, Son received the 87-rated card, which will be upgraded as he receives MOTMs and TOTWs for the remainder of the fut19.

I didn’t intend to reconsider these cards (the price is too high for me, the data is not stable), but I packed 7-game loan Sonaldo in an Ultimate Loan Pack.


Pace: Really good. Not as fast as Mbappe or Davies, but still very fast. I didn’t even use speed boost, I don’t think there is any lack of speed.


Finishing: An absolute goal machine. In the penalty area, he will be deadly. You can use the clever technique to increase the strength of the ball.


Shot Power: Son performed equally well in this regard. The power he gained during the attack was crazy.


Long Shots: He is one of the few players who can make a long-range shot this year. With more strength, he can hit the ball steadily.


Ball Conrol: Close range control and first touch. This is very useful in stressful situations when you try to control the ball quickly before shooting.


Skill Moves: For an attacking player, having four-star technology is always good, which increases the unpredictability and increases Son’s level. The technical movements performed very well, and his skill went in and out relatively quickly.

Stamina: That’s great. He can play for a long time without feeling tired. You never have to change people.



Strength and Aggression: Really feel weak. Power is like the 1960s, and aggressiveness is there. He is often bullied. I don’t think he won in the game with CB, he even needs to work hard to deal with the weaker guard.


Balance: He dribble well, but I can’t say that he is great. This is partly due to the balance of 79 and his taller body – he can easily fall and push the ball with a single push. I just think he is not a good dribble player, and he is sometimes very stiff.


Lone Passing: He didn’t nail the ball into the door frame or pass the ball over the top. Many of his Long Passing attempts will cause you to lose control of the ball and your offense will be destroyed.

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