Welcome everyone to check out today’s player evaluation, we will focus on the best ieam in the TOTY – 99 TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo. This is one of the best players in the world. The 99 rated striker is one of the top three iteams in the game. Considering the mechanism of fut19, it is probably the best player card we have seen this year.



PACE: Unbelievably fast. He has his own animation in the game, which makes him feel faster. If he exceeds his opponent, his opponent will not be able to catch up with him. What’s really impressive is how fast he can reach the top speed, and he can sprint at full speed in just a few steps.

FINISHING: Press the Shooting button in the penalty area, as long as he has a chance to score (even if not), he will score. He always shoots the ball at the most smashing angle.

Shot Power: He hits the ball more than any card I have used this year. The ball usually moves faster than I can track, and the ball enters the moment after he hits the ball. He can generate this energy without the need for a run-up – the same energy as the shot that he does not move when he runs.

Positioning: Together with TOTY Mbappe, I ran the best results I have seen this year. He can find the right space and location. If there is a gap in the defense line, or if there is a problem with the offisde trap, he will use it. All you have to do is see the space and take the ball to that area, where Cristiano will be.

Long Shot: I am one of the few players who can continue to play for a long time this year. Just shoot at 35 yards and then relax – he can definitely hit the target. His shot will cause the ball to fall and suddenly turn in the air.

Agility: You can really deal with the entire team without a sprint button – just use his agility to deal with the defenders and then move on to the goal.

Ball Control and Dribbling: perfect first touch, perfect ball control, great dribbling. Once again, he has a unique dribble animation that helps him get closer to his feet when he moves. When he sprints, he will push the ball to the front, but his speed is very fast, he will immediately catch up with the ball, so your opponent has no chance to grab the ball.

Skill Moves: 5-Satr Skill Moves – What else do you want? Through his strength, speed, and perfect dribble, you have a truly unique skill. His technology has progressed so fast that he has enough power to make sure he never loses his skills.


Almost none. This person is perfect. Even his sense of balance is very good. He said that he has 76 balances, but in the game, you will find that it is much better than this.

Overall Rating:


No one can reach his level – there are several people who are close, but he is unbeatable. There is no doubt that he is the best in the game.


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