FIFA 19 Practical Fancy Action Description (Part One)

False shot

Method of operation

Press B, then press A (Xbox); press “Circle”, then press X (PS4) and gently push the left stick to the opposite direction of the player.

Fancy action star

One star, all of them can be done, including the goalkeeper.

False shooting is one of the oldest fancy movements in the past FIFA, but its effect has not been attenuated. In fact, the benefits of fake shots have even grown as the action provides acceleration. In FIFA19, there are three different forms of fake shooting: regular fake shooting, Cruyff turning and cutting.

Cruyff turned very simple, you just need to complete the normal fake shooting operation, then push the left rocker in the opposite direction of the player (left rocker down). In a regular fake shot, you need to push the left stick to the oblique 45-degree direction of the player’s advantage. As for the cut, you have to push the left stick to the direction of the player’s advantage.



Method of operation

Push the right stick in the direction of travel (do not press) and then turn to the left and right continuously.

Fancy action star

Two stars.

Cycling is a bit cumbersome in FIFA18, but this year’s action is very smooth due to the new animation. This fancy can make you change direction quickly. If you operate it properly, the visual effect is absolutely perfect, which is a must-have item in the fancy arsenal.

You can also combine it with a high-level fancy like Rainbow, or try the new three-touch turn.


False pass turned (stationary used)

Method of operation

Push the left stick to the diagonal direction and lick a fake shot.

Fancy action star

Four stars. In addition, there is a five-star upgrade version that can be used during sprints and operates in the same way.

If you want to kill the Quartet in the FUT mode, you have to learn to operate the fake pass: Because this action is quite short, the effect of this fancy is horrible.

When you lean on the back of the defender and take the ball, it is the best time to turn around. You can accelerate through any side of his side before the opponent reacts, thus gaining the space to shoot or pass.

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