If the novice players in FIFA19 can get a good result in squad battles, they will get a good reward and improve the lineup level in the early stage. So what are the good lineups and methods for playing against the legendary AI? I will bring you the FIFA19 SquadBattles mode legendary AI guide today, I hope everyone likes it.

In fact, the strategy of AI in Squad Battles is very fixed, so there is a corresponding method for this fixed strategy, which is divided into the following three stages:

  1. The first is the breakthrough in the middle: the legendary level of AI, the first 30 minutes will first choose the middle road breakthrough, mainly through the two-to-one cooperation, looking for long-range opportunities near the restricted area, and then score.
  2. If the middle road breakthrough is unsuccessful, it will change the tactics, choose to pass, the legendary level AI will fail to find opportunities on the sidewalk if it breaks through the previous 30 minutes.Through the crossing, heading to open the deadlock.
  3. The final sprint stage: After 70 minutes (about 67-72 minutes), the AI will change the dynamic tactics and become a crazy mode, which will forcefully grab and fully press.I feel that AI’s physical strength is inexhaustible, but our players’ physical strength will drop, so the legendary computer often completes several goals in the last 20 minutes. This 20 minutes has become the key to holding the results.


The above 1, 2, and 3 are the offensive rules of the legendary AI. I think it is related to the dynamic tactics in the different situations when programming. For such a law, we also need to modify the dynamic tactics and targeted responses.

To sum up, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Defensingheading of AI
  • Focus on the changes of dynamic tactics
  • Be careful of the longshot
  • Do not stealling too often
  • Switch the tactics