FIFA 19 Tactical Board Analysis

Let’s take a look at the default Juventus tactics in the game. I always think that the settings given by the game itself are the best way to reflect the reality of a team’s play, especially now based on real-time updates of the team’s formation and personnel.

Juventus’ default formation is 4332, the ball.

Defense: Continuous oppression, width 5 grids, depth 7 grids.

Offense: The ball is controlled, the width is 6 squares, the player in the penalty area is 8 squares, the corner kick and the free kick are all 3 squares.


I personally think that the AI setting is very good, just like reality. Generally speaking, when you feel that your strength is above the opponent, or your lineup crushes the opponent, the constant oppression is the opposite of the opponent. A good way, see Dot and Liverpool under Kloof.

The necessary condition for this setting is: your midfield must be on the go, back, and unlimited strength. The central defender speed is better than 70

Let’s talk about the offense: the ball is controlled, and the ball is as good as the name is straightforward. Under this tactic, your winger speeds 80 and 90 are basically no tactical difference because the players will be close to the players. Will not be interspersed with each other repeatedly. This kind of tactic will make your offensive formation compact and not easy to make mistakes, but the overall speed of advancement will be slower. Basically, you will face positional battles.

Because of this, you need a stronger defense to ensure your possession time and penetration opportunities. If your defense is shrinking behind, even if you give the ball to the opposite side, you will slowly advance to the frontcourt from the backcourt, and you will still fall into the positional battle that most people don’t like.

Attack width 6 grid: Relative to 5 grids, slightly larger, this setting is very similar to Juve in reality. The 2 wingers will not be completely close to the sidewalk, breaking through the bottom, but trying to walk the ribs and the middle. And the ball-handling style is not suitable for standing too loose. If you choose the ball and adjust the width very high, it is quite awkward.

8 players in the penalty area: Maybe AI thinks Juve has three guards in the defensive position is enough, in fact, we can set 5 grids – 8 grids. This depends on whether you have confidence in your own defense. When you pass through the restricted area, you will certainly be able to grab the opportunity.

Corner kick and free kick 3 grids, there will be more people entering the restricted area, if it is 1 grid, usually 3 people, these two options, you can adjust in real combat, which is more suitable for yourself.

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