FIFA 19 Tactical Board Setup Recommended

Recommended setting

  1. Type of oppression: From the beginning of recovery, the more upward adjustment, the higher the degree of compression and duration. Set to balance, is to give the decision to the computer. I set myself to oppress after losing the ball. The setting is interpreted as pressing within 7 seconds after losing the ball, and then it will fall into the formation defense. I personally think this way is more aggressive than balance and not too risky.
  2. Defensive width: The smaller the value, the more concentrated the middle road. I personally like to adjust the small, after the small, the threat on the opposite side of the road will be significantly reduced, but the gap in your side will become bigger, if the opposite is very good at the side of the road, then you can not give him More space. But if he only gets to the side of the road, let him pass it.    When he passes the ball, you can see the small map and think of the counterattack route. In addition, in this work, the opposite pass you press the key (shooting button) is often a miraculous effect, the ball will directly find your frontcourt players like the endurance missile, instead of aimless clearance. I think this is amazing. In addition, unless the player is in the middle of the match, the other players are around you, otherwise, I don’t recommend passing the short pass to the person.
  1. Defensive depth: The oppressive play must be increased, and the pile play will be lowered. But these two have drawbacks, the adjustment is too low, the opposite is easy to enter the 35-meter area, your defensive pressure will be great, the opposite attack constantly, you always have a miss. Tune too high, I am afraid that after the opponent hits, I recommend 4-7 grid.
  2. Offensive style: ball control, balance, long pass and fast organization. The ball is tikitaka, but if it is not good, it will become a mahjong in the middle. The whole attack has no three-dimensional sense and will feel no gap. Balance is what happens in all situations, and it is entirely up to AI to master the scale. Long pass, the forward winger will be more inclined to insert behind, more suitable for the defensive counterattack.
  3. Attack width: wide array, suitable for pulling away from the sidewalk, narrow width suitable for midway penetration. In general, the wide formation is suitable for defensive counterattacks, and the narrow formation is suitable for slow penetration.

Individual player setting

I think that individual player settings are not based on location, but on play and formation.

why would you say this? We went back to the Juventus tactics set up by the computer. Manjukizi occupied the position of it, but the setting of the running position in the personal setting is the sidewalk, and the setting of the clan as the left wing is the inscribed.

There is a very important point here. It is generally believed that Manjukiqi is more suitable as a center, especially a high center. It is necessary to set the center of the game, but in order to stimulate the power of Ronete’s scoring, it is necessary to leave enough neutral in the middle.

If Manjukiqi does not pull the edge, C Ronaldo will have no space in the middle, or the running position will overlap. This is a basic principle, you need to imagine your team members and how you want him to participate in offense and defense.

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