FIFA 19 Timed Shooting Tutorial – Timed Finishing – How to Timed the Perfect Shoot


The timed shooting is a new shooting system that FIFA 19 has joined. It is actually the kind of shot that has been used by everyone in the previous generation. Pressed shooting button twice. In this work, EA systemizes and named this shooting. In the face of such changes, even a lot of old players are somewhat at a loss. Here we give you some tips on how to use the timed shooting. I hope to help you get started with this skill.


Specific operations:

When shooting, press the shooting button (accumulation, you need to hold it down), then according to the player’s shooting action, click the shooting button again to complete the shooting.


Key point:

When the time is right, the press of first shot is very important! If you press too heavy or too light, even if you press the right time, it is difficult to score.

The timing of pressing the 2nd time (to complete the shot) is very important! The best time: When the player’s foot is about to touch the ball, tap the button.


Setting method:

  1. Open the “Timed Finishing”in CONTROLLER SETTINGS.

2. After entering the game, press the pause button to enter the menu and select “Trainer”

  1. The state selects “Show”, mode selects “Movement and Mechanism”, the bottom of the timed shotting display bar selects “On”, the top 2 set closed.