FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League – FUT 19 New Features & Trailer

GameSpot released the UEFA Champions League trailer of FIFA 19, which introduced the Champions League model for the first time this year, and presented us with a big match against Manchester City.

In the previous report, we already know that UEFA has terminated the authorization for the PES Champions League, and EA has obtained the authorization of the Champions League in FIFA 19. What about the Champions League in FIFA 19? Today, GameSpot is to bring a demonstration of the game, against both sides is the PSG and Manchester City.

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The demonstration of the Champions League final, the trophy, the stadium’s Champions League logo and the UI interface have many features in the Champions League. Of course, this demo also shows the rapid update capability of FIFA 19, and Buffon, who just moved to Paris, has already appeared in this game.

Mbapp, who has made a big splash in the World Cup, has obviously improved his ability. There is a very good long-range assist in the game。

Through the demonstration, it can be seen that this generation of “FIFA 19” does have some progress in the player’s action system, and the player’s action on the ball becomes more natural and rich.

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28 this year. This game will not only introduce the Champions League, the European Union, but also the finale of the main character Hunter in the journey.

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