FIFA 19 Want to add Fortnite Dance to the Game: Hope to Rrestore Reality

In the World Cup finals that ended not long ago, French player Anthony Gritzman scored a penalty in the first half and then ran to the side of the court to jump out of the magical dance of Fortress Night.

EA Sports recently said that it wants to add these magical dance moves to FIFA 19 because they want to make the game as close as possible, since the football players on the field celebrated the goal with the dance of Fortress Night. Then EA also hopes that this action will be restored in their game. In the recent interview, the creative director of the game, Matt Prior, said: “The first thing we want to ensure is the status of the players and the authenticity of the game. If you see some players in the real world, we certainly hope that the players can also See it in the game.”

As for the licensing of these actions, he said: “We have seen the players dance Fortnite on the court. If you restore this action to the game, there may be licensing problems, but we will always pay attention to the real football field. And restore it as much as possible.”

I hope that EA can solve this problem properly, because if these magical break dance movements penetrate into a variety of games, it is also a very cool thing, just because of the popularity of Fortnite, I want to get these dance moves. The license may take a lot of money.

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