FIFA 19 will Add the Super League EA is Shooting a Player’s Bust in China

We may be able to see some new elements in the upcoming football game FIFA 19. Recently, Shanghai Shanggang Football Club’s press officer Zhao Yuchen posted a set of photos on Weibo, saying that EA has gone to the club to shoot half-length photos of first-line players, and immediately can see the Super League team in FIFA 19 It’s a figure.
There are still more than two months left on September 28th when FIFA 19 is officially released. I wonder if it will be a little late to start shooting the player’s half-length photo. Due to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo moved to the Juventus incident some time ago, the game content of the career mode must have changed a lot, and the development team must be busy.

At present, EA officials have not disclosed the news about joining the Super League in the game. How to let us wait for this release!

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