FIFA FUT 18 Transfer Market Tips Guide

FUT 18 is one of the most effective ways to get coins, so you do not have to play a game to get the coins in your account. With the Premier League, the new players in the Premier League are more popular than the previous FUT. At FUT 18, many players want to build a Premier League team. In FIFA FUT 18 it is worth looking for coins in defense mode.
– Go to the transfer market,
– Player quality: Gold.
– Select Job: Protectors.
– Select league: Premier League.
– Select the purchase price now: 400 or 450 (depending on the FUT 18 price level and the controller used for the FIFA game). (FIFA 18 has a higher value in the first months of the game).
– Press the Search button
Buy player cards immediately, which may appear in search results. Within a few seconds, cards are sold as quickly as they try to tag the player’s cards. Repeat the search several times and take off the defenders of the Premier League. If the player does not appear during the search, the purchase price must be raised. After you get a list of 4 to 10 players, you must give the players. It is important that players buy a higher price in the transfer market. You need a few hundred coins to be bigger. You will find that players will simply sell them within an hour. This method must be repeated by dozens of players, which will earn thousands of coins within a few hours.
The final 18-team Irish players
In March 2018, there is a special SBC time. Irish players will do a lot for a few weeks. This is due to the National Day of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day. SBC Private EA released each year. Complete your club with Irish players. Especially that the Irish silver and gold cards will be highly appreciated. At present, prices are very low. Be smart and download your club with many of the top and leading Irish players. You will not regret it in March, either.

Looking for a new way to play Ultimate Team? Do you want to earn easy bonuses and good coins? Then in FUT18, you will need to run the new Battles Squad mode. Compete against teams from all over the world formed by community members. This is an off-line bonus for FUT champions, with the same bonus system. For a week, you need to play as many games as possible (up to 4 days). Every day we get a new list of new teams. The winner is not the most important part in the Squad battle. The harder the competition, the better rewards you get. So do not be afraid to start competing against the difficulties of the legendary world class. We would like to correct: Playing offline is not as enjoyable as the Internet. But just play some games every week. You can reach the bronze level 2/1 and get packets easily every week.
Silver Snip Method

It is not a famous method, but a guaranteed profit. Many FUT 18 centers only on golden players, although many silver cards have some value. For FUT 18 coins, read the instructions below. Method 1: Buy Snipe Cards at Price:
– Open the transport market,
– Select player quality: Silver.
– Buy Now Price: 200 or 250 (depending on FUT 18 prices and equipment used, prices may initially be higher because of the popularity of players).
– Press the Search button. When you click the search button, many players appear in the search results. Buy only those cards that meet the specified criteria. You must buy 10 players cards to increase your profit. Once he has the players, he has to sell the players. Do some research that players deserve a little longer than regular purchase prices. Other silver players can easily sell a few hundred extra coins in the transfer market. Method 2: Snipe Player Cards with Max Price Method:

– Go to the transfer market,
– Select the player quality: Silver.
– Maximum price limit: 250 or 300 coins (depending on the prices of FUT 18 and the device used, prices may be higher initially because of the popularity of players).
– Press Search. This method is almost similar to FUT 18, but this is slightly different. – Rare silver cards with averages above average. As; high rate, skilled movements and high labor accidents.
– The level of the most popular leagues. (Premier League, Ligue 1 and Calcio A). Offer a game to players who meet the requirements set out here. The BUY NOW button is not required. Each player must make presentations with good statistics and wait for you to complete the transfer time. Lots of good professional players will be winning you and some are overweight. Some players deserve enough. FUT 18 must be used on purchased cards. Some silver card players deserve more than their own stats. Easy to sell other players of silver for a small profit in the market.

Trade Packages – Offline Project FUT 18
EA pays a 5% tax for all players sold
Any player selling EA will receive a 5% tax. This is not a big problem when you make a small sale / transfer. However, in the case of large conversions, it is very important to observe a 5% tax. For example: Take a player card for 4500 coins.
Sell ​​a player card to 4600 in the transfer market.
I’ve just lost 125 coins.
Viva Ultimate Team 18 Manager
At FIFA FUT 18, it is useful to find some coins with managers. High-end tournament leaders always sell players. And the end of something. Most FUT18 players do not check what the manager card is. The trick is to find managers who have rare cards in the major leagues. Sell ​​and sell them with small profits on the transfer market. Top managers who trade with FIFA FUT 18:
Arsene Wenger
– Diego Simeone
– Juergen Club

If you are a beginner or just started playing the FUT 18, it is best to use the pro-bronze method. Open several bronze packages for 400 or 750 coins and grab the coins. This is primarily because you will get many usable cards which are worth a few hundred coins (play training, gym and healing cards). You should also look at the bronze players in the package. Most of the bronze cards will be sold for a few hundred coins if the challenges of building an active Squad. Do not sell bronze players do not touch anything. Store it in the club and wait for the prices. Or just use bronze players to upgrade SBC.
FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Weekend tips
Tips for FUT Champions. FUT Champions in FUT 18 is a game filled with frustration. It is not easy to play against the best FIFA players in the world. Read the FUT 18 WEEKEND LEAGUE guide here >>
The conversion window in the 59th minute at FUT 18
Can not find the best players in the first transfer market FUT 18 scrolling. In the last ten minutes of the transfer window of one hour, you can find the best players. Select the player or item you want to receive and forward for up to 50 and 55 minutes. Find cheaper cards. This method provides a lot of currency.
Earn Rewards SBC – FUT 18

The best way to get rid of FUT 18 players who have no value is to face the challenges of team building. The majority of team building challenges are to create teams of players in return for bonuses. Once you’ve been sent to the team, the players you used during this challenge will last forever. Therefore, it is recommended to choose which players you no longer use. Be sure to double check the team before sending it. It would be very frustrating to lose one of your best players. It’s also important to think about all the bonuses you get to create a team. There are some criteria with some challenges that make it difficult for all the replenishment you get.

NO Rage Quitting – FUT 18
FIFA can be a very frustrating game every now and then. All of these assassinations only give a bad currency balance at the end of the day. First, you will not receive any currency rewards for the game you did not finish. Second, you will get less and less coins bonuses when you continue to quit playing just try to score some goals and get some good coins even though you will not win the game anymore.
Ultimate Team 18 – Offline Sections
It’s definitely not everyone’s favorite, but it works well to earn some easy rewards (or unordered packages). You will need to regularly check offline active partitions. Items from offline sections are not salable.
Players converted in FUT 18
Many players moved to new clubs last summer. You will notice that the most popular players have been transferred to a better competition and deserve more at FUT 18. You need to know which players are the best to trade with
Chemistry is a really important factor, just like in previous FIFA editions. Connecting the right players is a good start to playing your team at its best. It is important to know that alternative players do not affect the level of chemistry at all! So when you play a role or need players to rest, do not hesitate to put them on the side line. First, it is important to try winning with the start of eleven, because it would be a waste to change the player at the beginning of the game. When you notice that it does not work with the players you use, let your players play the two stars!
Use LF and RF when running the draft.
When you run a draft, use the formations with the left-forward and right-forward to the left Wing Wing Wing. This way you will have a greater chance of getting Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi and other prominent players. Because of all the good players, this will give you a better way to score, so you’ll be able to use the best players in the game.

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