FIFA Player Review: Douglas Costa

Douglas Costa, born on September 14, 1990 in Sapukaia, Brazil, is a Brazilian football player who plays on the field and is currently playing for the Juventus football club in Serie A.

Chinese name Douglas Costa foreign name Douglas Costa (Douglas Costa de Souza) alias dog left / dog / dog brother nationality Brazil (Portugal) dual citizenship birthplace Sapkaia birth date September 14, 1990 graduate school Gray Mio Youth Training Height 172cm Weight 63kg Sports Project Football Team Juventus Football Club Field Position Left Side Used Foot Left Foot Shirt Number 11

Douglas Costa debuted from the Portuguese giants Gremio, and like Ronaldinho, the Gregorian player’s free and creative style. The skill at the foot is exquisite, the passing is very imaginative, the speed is very fast, and the explosive power is very strong. It is considered by the coach of Gremio to be a new generation of Robinho.
Gremio period
Gremio period (2 photos)
Shakhtar Donetsk Football Club
In 2010, he joined the Shakhtar Donetsk for 6 million euros, played for 6 seasons, played 196 times, scored 37 goals, won 5 Ukrainian championships and 3 Ukrainian Super Cups.

Costa mainly plays wingers in Bayern, but the attacking midfielder is capable of both left and right.

On July 1, 2015, Bayern Munich officially announced the introduction of the Brazilian international midfielder Douglas Costa, signed a contract for five years. According to the official of the Donetsk miners, the cost of the transfer reached 30 million euros.
Bayern officially announced that the successful introduction of the 1 meter 72 Brazilian international, Vice President Drayson said: I am very happy to sign Douglas-Costa, a five-year contract proves that we are very optimistic about his future in Bayern. At the same time, the Donetsk Miners Club confirmed the news of Douglas-Costa leaving the team through the official website, revealed that the transfer fee was 30 million euros, and thanked Costa for his contribution during the period, and hoped that he would succeed in the new club.
On December 25, 2016, the British “Guardian” 2016 top 100 stars officially released, ranked 63.
After joining Bayern, Costa had a very good start. He scored 1 assist and 3 assists in the first two Bundesliga games on behalf of Bayern, laying the foundation in the Guardiola lineup. Costa’s first season at Bayern was perfect. He scored 7 goals in 43 multi-line games and also played many assists. Moreover, Costa’s playing method is very good to please the fans, his quick breakthrough and intrinsic are both Bayern’s weapons, and often stage a single ride.
After Ancelotti took over Bayern in the 2016-17 season, Costa’s playing time was compressed. He has scored more than half of the game so far. Although he has scored 4 goals, his total appearance is only 19 times, a total of 1,100 minutes.
This offensive left midfielder and even the early Gremio youth team has been considered another phenomenon in the future of Brazilian football. Like all typical Brazilian wingers, Costa is a master of the ball and a free kick expert, but he also has his own unique skills.
Beijing time on July 13, 2017, Serie A giant Juventus officially announced that Bayern winger Douglas Costa joined the team. According to Italian media, the Brazilian winger first rented for 6 million euros a year, after which Juventus could buy out Costa for 40 million euros. The transfer fee totals 46 million euros.
On June 8, 2018, Juventus official website announced that the team completed 40 million euros to buy the Bayern Munich winger Douglas Costa, the player’s total transfer fee will reach 47 million euros.

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