FIFA18 Announced The Strongest Star Who Is Stronger Than Messi And C Ronaldo

FIFA18  game officially announced that in the new “Icon card”, authorized to join a new superstar: the ball king Bailey, he will also be the strongest player in the game.

In FIFA 17, Bailey has existed as a “Legend card”, and in the latest version of the game world, he has three “Icon cards”, reflecting the growth of his ability in different periods. The first two cards are 1958 and 1962. Pele’s comprehensive ability value is 91 and 95 respectively, and the strongest version is the 1970 version, which is the third year that Bailey won the World Cup. His speed is not as good as 1962 ( 96 became 95), but the tape (96), the shot (96) and the pass (93) all reached an astonishingly high value, and the overall ability score reached the highest 98 in history.

In addition, in the first two versions, Bailey’s position was a center, and in the 1970 version, it became an attacking midfielder.

In addition to Bailey, FIFA18’s “Icon card” also includes Maradona, Ronaldinho, Da Luo, Henry, Gullit, Owen, Rio Ferdinand, Yasin and other retired superstars.

If you compare all the retired and active players in FIFA18, the 1970 version of Pele is still the “strongest person.” Among the active players, C Ronald has a value of 94 and Messi is 93. There is still a gap compared to the peak version of Pele (98). In the game, the closest to Pele is the 1986 version of Maradona. The ability value is 97) and the 1997 version of Da Luo (96).

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