FIFA18 Chinese Player Value: 37 Years Old Zheng Zhi Ranked First

After the official listing of “FIFA18”, in addition to the most suspense of Mero’s dispute over the years, the highest number of Chinese players who can get the game’s “give” is also the concern of the majority of Chinese fans.

The value of the Chinese national team player is given in the FIFA 18 game. In the overall score, Chinese football captain Zheng Zhi ranked first in the team with 76 points, and the top 4 players were all taken by Evergrande. Wu Lei is the highest ranked after 90, ranking fifth. Zhang Yuning, the only player of the Chinese football team’s overseas players, ranked 17th, but the potential value of 78 points ranked first in the team.

FIFA is a series of games produced by American Electronic Arts. In 1993, the first work “FIFA94” was released and sold on all major platforms at that time. The “FIFA” series of games will be new every year and will be loved by players around the world.

In the “FIFA 18” game, the top four players in the total score of Chinese football players are veterans over 30 years old. The 36-year-old (actually 37-year-old) Chinese football team leader Zheng Zhi, ranked first in the team with a total score of 76 points, Zeng Cheng ranked second with 74 points, Yulin and Feng Wei each tied for 74 points and tied for third. Interestingly, all four of them are from Evergrande. Because the age is over 30 years old, the “potential” and the overall score are the same.

Among the players after 90, Wu Lei ranked first with 73 points, ranked 5th in the total score of Chinese football players, and the potential value reached 76. The players with a total score of 6-10 are: Hao Junmin, Zhang Zhezhe, Wang Dalei, Zhang Linyi, Yan Junling.

At present, Zhang Yuning, the only player in the Chinese football team who plays overseas, scores only 68 points in the “FIFA 18” game, ranking 17th. However, Zhang Yuning, who is only 20 years old, has a potential of 78, which is the highest among Chinese players. The two national teams of Gao Junyi and Deng Hanwen and the U22 national football “amphibious” players also entered the list, with a total score of 60 points.

On the global player list, C Rodriguez beat Messi and got the highest value in the game.

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