FIFA19 Commonly Used Formation Recommendation

All the settings of “FIFA19” may affect the results of normal games. Many players don’t know how to set up formations or tactical boards. Today, we will bring you the “fiflyxx1019” shared “FIFA19” common formation recommendation and tactic board setting experience. I hope everyone like.


The “balanced” formation is definitely what you are best at. However, the setting in “Balance” does not need to be as in the original default. For example, in “Balance”, I set the pressure after losing the ball.

I recommend that when you play SQB, if you feel that you have too much weight on the computer, you can try this setting if you want to grab it manually. If you lose the ball yourself, your player will immediately go to the spot. Anti-grab, Klopp’s tactics are like this. After all, whether you play computer or hit someone, the ball feels the most appropriate in your own hands.

In general, “balance” is the formation you want to use the most, such as 42212, 442 parallel, 4334, 4332.

The “offensive” and “defensive” formations are generally the same as the balance, but the detailed set one focuses on the offense while the other focuses on the defense.

“Full defense” and “full attack”, it is recommended to change the formation. Through nearly 50 games experience, I feel that this setting can definitely change the life of the game. The rapid switching of the formation will make the opponents feel at a loss, the rhythm is chaotic, especially When people fight.

Think about it, the opposite 433 has played against the wind of your 412122 sidewalks. After you changed it to 541, he suddenly found that there were people on the sidewalk. What kind of mood is there when the middleman is more? He continued to break through, and then you were directly found by a long pass, and he would be amazed. He would doubt that the system bureau is coming again. Why do I press you, and you will fight back? If he continues to attack, the result will be the same after being beaten.

Common formation

Generally speaking, it is divided into the formation of the main road and the main side.

Main sidewalk: 4332, 4334, 42312.

Mainly in the middle: 41212, 51212, 4231.

Balanced formation: 442 parallel stations, 352. So many people think that 352 is a defensive formation. But, the 352 is a very balanced formation. It can play defense and control. When defending, the middle is stable. When transitioning, the midfield intercepts force and attacks. At that time, there are many points for the ball, and the two sides are pulled and opened for scheduling.

The general opening “balance” tactics recommend the above.

Full defensive recommendation: 51212 (after the defensive success, the short-range counterattack from the middle of the road), 352, 541 (after the defensive success, long-range counterattack from the sidewalk).

Full force recommendation: 424.

The basic principle

The ball is matched with a short pass, so the formation must be compact when attacking. As Boras said, tikitaka needs a narrow offensive range, and the ball-handling needs to be attacked.

The defensive counterattack is naturally a long pass. The defensive formation is important. When the offense is pulled, the striker must have an impact.

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