FIFA19 Marseille Roundabout Fancy Action

Making different fancy moves in FIFA19 will not only improve the enjoyment of the game, but also make the game more fun for the players themselves. Many players don’t know how to use the Marseille maneuvers. Today, they bring you ” “Fang Fangyuan” shared “FIFA19” Marseille roundabout fancy action operation teaching.

Fancy action: the new half turned around (Marseille maneuvers).

Mode of operation: When the player is facing the goal, press and hold the L2(LT)+R3 right stick (↓+← or →)

Skill star: four stars.

Use scene: Back to face the opponent when catching the ball.

The new Marseille round-trip ball can get rid of the skill and effectively protect the ball to form a 180-degree turn to get rid of it, so as to get a good chance to break through or pass.

This side-by-side action can be used to break through the sideline against the opponent’s defending player.

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