FIFA19 Potential Player Recommendation (Part One)

The real-world transfer market has changed dramatically, which has been well reflected in EA’s series of games over the past few years. However, those who are willing to take the time to explore young players have also paid off in FIFA18’s career model.

As always, building a successful young team requires following these words: peace of mind.

Everyone knows geniuses like Kilian Mbape and Neymar, but there are still young geniuses that have saved a lot of transfer funds and endless transfer negotiations. At the FIFA19 conference, which will be released later this year, you can get detailed information by determining the type of player you need. There is no one player over the age of 21, which is the key.

10.Sergio Díaz (Real Madrid, midfielder, forward)

At the beginning of FIFA19’s career model, the 20-year-old Paraguayan attacking midfielder Sergio Diaz will be recalled from Westing Lugo, which means he may be difficult to get out of Real Madrid’s control. So if you want him to join your lineup, a modest salary increase may be the only way to convince him.

This investment is definitely worthwhile because early signs indicate that Diaz’s 67 overall rating in FIFA18 has improved. As shown in many highlights videos, he is both elegant and tenacious and will definitely get better.

Some sources said that Diaz is “New Sergio Aguero.” But don’t be affected by this premature contrast, because the young player of Real Madrid can definitely become a South American superstar after several years of continuous training, especially his shooting and dribbling skills.

Most importantly, he is not as expensive as other expensive players.

9.Sander Berge (Genke, middle-definition, midfielder)

When FIFA players decide which league to go to, they will not appear in their choices more often than A-League. After all, the most promising tomorrow’s star must definitely go back to England, Spain, France or Germany to play, but not exactly, at least 20-year-old Sandel Borg is not one of them.

The Norwegian kid is a midfielder, but he can also play the role of a central defender. He has an absolute height advantage in the 198CM. If deployed directly in front of the penalty area, he is also the perfect scavenger to help the team understand the danger.

In other words, Borg is a defensive player.

In last year’s game, his 71 overall rating is likely to remain unchanged in FIFA19. It doesn’t matter, because some important game time will continue to improve his overall quality. You can use Niklas Jules as a template for Borg.

8.Matthijs de Ligt  (Ajax, midfielder)

If you want to gain a foothold in the top league, then Ajax’s genius Matthes Dercht is very valuable. He is two years younger than Sandel Borg but has already played in the European arena. Dercht is a member of the Ajax Club and lost to Manchester United in the 2017 UEFA Cup final.

Does this have an impact on FIFA games? definitely. In last year’s game, Dricht’s overall rating was 76 points, his defensive (75) and physical (79) data is not normal for an 18-year-old player.

Now is the time for development. When you are still screaming for the young talents of Ajax, why not take a look at other young players who have just left Ajax? They are not as expensive as Justin Kluivert and Donnie Vanderbeck.

However, any of these players who will become stars in the future should first negotiate with the club to get the effect of Dercht.

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