FIFA19 Potential Player Recommendation (Part Three)

3. Christian Früchtl (Bayern Munich, goalkeeper)

A few years ago, Fruchtel was considered the next big event in the goalkeeper circle, and Bayern Munich even released a video for this, from Matthias Summer to Manuel. Neuer is full of praise for him.
So in the FIFA19 game, Flüchtel is still one of the must-have players that must be purchased. The clever way is to smash his net worth, and quickly take him from Bayern.
The 18-year-old is considered to be the future successor to Neuer, and he can be said to be a more valuable purchase option by Gianluigi Doruma, who will be required to pay high fees and generous salary. And Fluchtel’s request may be milder.

2. Patrick Cutrone (AC Milan, division forward)

When he saw Patrick Coitrow’s 74 overall reviews of FIFA18, the direct temptation he brought was either to rent him out to gain experience or to transfer him out and buy a more compelling forward to replace it. he. However, don’t do this.
Like AC Milan’s current reconstruction work, Cutrone is also a long-term project.
Only 20 years old, he has become a frequent visitor to the Gattuso team and won the call of the Italian national team for the first time this year. In the FIFA game, he has a speed, a solid shot, and as a part of the two-time top partner, he also performed very well.
Depending on the team you set up, Cutrone can also be a single striker. This resilience will make him more dangerous.
Obviously, some young players from other leagues do not adapt to the strict requirements of the Premier League. But Cutrone‘s adaptability will make him at least become proficient after ten games.

1. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United, division forward, left and right avant-garde, front waist)

In fact, Mourinho did not make Marcus Rushford the first name on its Manchester United team list, which made the club’s hardcore fans always frustrated. Rushford has everything that the Manchester United team likes in the Ferguson era: speed, explosiveness, and excellent finishing ability are core attributes. Not to mention that he is a local.
This will affect FIFA games, and later this year, Rushford may become the most important young star.
The overall rating of 79 does not match the level of the British. The 20-year-old can be a striker, a forward partner, an attacking midfielder, or even a two-winger. His left and right shots and long shots are quite threatening.
Don’t ignore Rushford like Mourinho. In these seasons, he will be one of the best players in the career mode.

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