FIFA19 UT 433 Counterattack Formation

Counterattack Is King

In this group, due to the strengthening of defensive AI, the player turned the ball to be weakened, and the 433 counterattack formation has now become the mainstream. As a 4-3-3 formation, the midfield needs to have a strong fight, preferably two B2B hard and black with a versatile midfielder with ball and organization. The key data such as speed, pass, and run of the winger needs to be excellent. The position of the forward is the key to this formation. As the side opens enough space, the ST will get a lot of straight-forward positions and single-handed chances. In addition, the head ability and height are also one of the necessary factors.

ST: Vardy

Speed, running position, shooting, reaction, physical strength, Vardy has the qualities that a speed shooter should have. The fox forward in the game is quite suitable for the 433 counterattack system, and the success rate of the single knives after the straight plug is very high. The initial price of more than 10,000 can no longer be cost-effective.

Upgrade option: Aubameyang

LW: Martial

Martial was slightly cut in FIFA 19 but did not prevent him from becoming a side weapon. French nationality can be paired with Ladoga Kondogbia, Serie A Matuidi, and Liguet Rabiot. Of course, as a winger, he feels good and strong and has a good shooting feel.

RW: Willian

The Brazilians are as good as ever in FIFA 19, and the coverage on both ends of the offense and defense is very high. It is a player with considerable presence.

Upgrade option: Salah

CDM: Kondogbia

This is a midfielder of the monster type, with a strong body and a four-star fancy, and the long-range ability of 80 can’t be ignored either.

CM: Sissoko

Tottenham midfielder will be transformed into a CM, which is called a midfield meat grinder. The 188cm tall body with good physical strength and strong strength can form a strong fight in the middle.

Upgrade option: Kante ( Pogba)

CDM: Frederico

The body of the 169 does not hinder his contribution on both ends of the floor. Frederico steals fiercely and has a flexible ball. At the same time, he has a good scoring ability. He is a rare player in the Premier League midfield.

Upgrade option: Fabio

LB: Mendy

This Mendi is not the left back of Manchester City, but the value is even better. The speed is very fast, the body is excellent, and there are four-star fakes, which are very effective in actual combat.

CB: Landreau

Can form a perfect green line with Kondogbia, Landreau is very good in terms of height and speed, and the ability to play is acceptable. It is a central defender with no obvious shortboard.

Upgrade options: Varane

CB: Bailly

In FIFA18, Bailey is the price-performance beast after the legendary defender. In 19, even if it is cut, it can’t be underestimated. He can play with Valencia’s green line for another year!

Upgrade option: Van Dijk

RB: Valencia

Strong body, good sense, and accurate card position, Valencia as a full-back is a stable word. Similar to Bailey’s ability to be weakened in 19, but at the same time, the price will be much cheaper, highly recommended.

Upgrade option: Walker

GK: Lloris

If you can’t afford De Gea, then Lloris is also a good choice. Don’t think that 60,000 spent on the goalkeeper is a waste, and you can lose a lot of balls at a critical moment. Lloris

The existence of the problem also solved the problem of chemical defense.

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