FIFA19 will Introduce a Large Number of New Ball Control Actions

EA’s FIFA series FIFA 19, which will be released this year, will introduce more realistic and diverse players to catch, control, break and fake action systems. EAsports called the improvement of the new work in this area: ACTIVE TOUCH system, and announced the following demonstration:
According to the official introduction, the new system can make the player’s contact with the ball achieve revolutionary progress, giving the player a new gameplay experience. The player’s catching, breaking and taking the ball will be more natural and smooth.

In the demonstration, we can also see that in the new work, the player can jump directly from the outside of the foot; Costa’s flying foot receives the ball inside; Azar’s home after the ball is turned over; Neymar’s rainbow is extraordinary. Mbape’s use of the chest to stop the ball directly to the barb shot.

The official said in the announcement that FIFA19 introduced a variety of catching movements and players using the head, chest, knees and feet to catch the ball, changing the running route and making fake moves, deceiving the defensive players and so on, will let New work reaches a more realistic level.

FIFA 19 will be officially released on September 28 this year, the game will be on the PC, PS4, XboxOne and Switch platform.

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