FUT 19 La Liga Santander TOTS Predictions


Jan Oblak – GK – OVR 90 Atletico Madrid’s guarded side of the game is something which has been extraordinary for as far back as few seasons, and by and by they can guarantee the best protective record in the division. Oblak has assumed a major job in that by and by. With a unimportant 27 objectives yielded in the 37 recreations, he strolls into this side regardless of the challenge.


Jordi Alba – LB – OVR 87 With another title going the method for Barcelon,a it will not shock anyone that most of this side originates from them. Alba has dependably been a danger going ahead, and because of his pace can pull off poor situating which proves to be useful for his over and over. He contributed with eight helps and two objectives this season, which close by the cautious record he can brag is all that could possibly be needed for a consideration here.

Provoke – CB – OVR 87 In the past Pique has gotten a couple of sketchy incorporations into the two TOTS and TOTY sides, yet this time there is no scrutinizing his spot in the side. The Spaniard has assumed an essential job in the Barcelona protection and in spite of the fact that he never again has the pace to his game his capacity to control the guard and separate plays is something which has encouraged Barca to the second best cautious record in the division.

Diego Godin – ST – OVR 90 As much as I was enticed to proceed to incorporate Godin’s guarded accomplice, Hernandez, I just couldn’t get over the way that he had just begun 13 coordinates this season, something which shouldn’t be sufficient for a consideration regardless of how great he has been. In this way, rather I have picked Godin, who has by and by been a stone at the back for Atletico, helping them to that eminent cautious record. What’s more the Uruguayan has additionally contributed with three objectives from the back.

Sergio Ramos – CB – OVR 91 This particular determination is probably going to cause a great deal of contention with Ramos having his weakest season in a long while yet there are a few reasons concerning why I have chosen him: right off the bat, with six objectives to his name, that is an amazing commitment from cautious. Besides, the reality he has a TOTY thing will check towards something with the Spaniard having that notoriety by and large. Madrid additionally need alternatives for this side, and with them completing third, and with them having such huge numbers of enormous name players, regardless I feel that a couple of will be constrained in for pack deals; Ramos appears a simple method to do that.


Pablo Sarabia – CM – OVR 83 Sarabia has been a standard for Sevilla the previous couple of seasons, however he purchased his game to a dimension no one truly expected this season getting to be a standout amongst the most persuasive players in the division with an amazing 12 objectives and 13 helps from CM. EA saw this and granted him with a Winter Upgrade thing as well as a Headliner.

Sergio Busquets – CDM – OVR 89 previously, Community/Most Consistent TOTS have been a marker of what’s to come in review group TOTS. Indeed that seems to be the subject with Busquets, of whom is in a comparative circumstance every single year. The Spaniard does as such much work for Barcelona out of the spotlight and is broadly perceived as the most underestimated player around. He strolls into this side once more.

Luka Modric – CM – OVR 91 For me to see Modric lift the Ballon d’Or was a stun however there is no questioning the Croatians capacity and he has appeared at both worldwide and residential dimension now. By and by he to a great extent unobtrusively performed week in week out for Madrid, and despite the fact that they were fruitless when it came to trophies in the 2018/19 battle, Modric was in every case liable to guarantee a spot in the side.

Lionel Messi – RW – OVR 94 Without Ronaldo to challenge for the Golden Boot, Messi now rules the honor. With a ludicrous count of 34 objectives in 33 matches, 5 of which have been off the seat, the Argentine completed thirteen objectives in front of second spot. Notwithstanding the objectives, he likewise drives the help outlines, with 13 demonstrating exactly the amount he really does all in all for Barcelona.


Karim Benzema – ST – OVR 85 By far a standout amongst the most underestimated players for Madrid is Benzema. Each season he performs to an abnormal state and each season he doesn’t get the acknowledgment he merits. By and by it looks just as this could be his last season as Madrid’s primary striker, however with 21 objectives to his name, he has each option to keep the spot for another season or two yet.

Luis Suarez – ST – OVR 91 Another striker with a similar count of 21 objectives is Suarez. With Messi to one side of you its continually going to be an instance of Barcelona’s striker scoring for no particular reason yet Suarez still has the notoriety for being one of the better strikers worldwide and there’s a valid justification for that. Notwithstanding a less than impressive display in some key minutes in European football, his standard in Spain should see him included indeed.


Marc Andre ter Stegen – GK – OVR 89 I entirely would have scorned ter Stegen had he not have highlighted in the Community TOTS, not on the grounds that he has been awful this season – a remarkable inverse – yet essentially on the grounds that I feel that Oblak is the demonstrate enormous innocence and along these lines it gave the alternative for a more fragile side’s plug to make the cut, which is regularly the situation. With the TOTS thing effectively accessible through, it turns into another inquiry.

Hermoso – CB – OVR 77 Hermoso was incorporated into the waitlist for EA’s Community TOTS, which has helped towards his choice with it being clear that he is as of now in dispute for EA. Indeed, even with him passing up a major opportunity, as observed with Maddison in the Premier League side, he could in any case neak in. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt how to sell this one over the Getafe protection, yet I simply suspect that Hermoso will include.

Jony – LM – OVR 75 Although they completed the season inadequately, Alaves shocked La Liga with exactly how great they were for most the season. Various players from their side can contend a spot for this side. Be that as it may, for me, Jony appears to be the undeniable wagered with five objectives and ten helps from the LM position making him third on all out helps.

Parejo – CM – OVR 86 Parejo routinely causes TOTS and I to anticipate that the equivalent should happen again this year with the Spaniard by and by assuming an enormous job in Valencia’s side while commanding matches from the center of the recreation center. He has a good nine objectives and six helps in his possession which just top off his general exhibitions on a predictable premise.

Rodri – CM – OVR 82 I referenced with Ter Stegen about the dull TOTS things and this one is fundamentally affected by precisely that. Without the TOTS thing, Rodri has just figured out how to acquire I don’t feel that he would have made this side, or even been in conflict, however EA clearly feels that he has performed superior to anything most this season. The disturb making him tradeable really increaes his chances of determination in my eyes; had he not been, we may have a whoel other discussion.

Cristhian Stuani – ST – OVR 80 Although it looks as if Girona will be the third and last side authoritatively consigned this season Stuani has each option to be incorporated into this side. The Uruguayan has scored over portion of Girona’s 36 objectives with 19 of them originating from his boot. This puts him fourth in the brilliant boot race, which for a side, for example, Girona is a remarkable achievement.

Iago Aspas – ST – OVR 85 Another side which has genuinely battled this season is Celta Vigo, the one splendid side to their season has been Aspas, who without they would have been consigned this season. With 18 objectives and six helps to his name, Aspas has been associated with getting most of Vigo’s 40 points this season, with some essential exhibitions originating from the Spanish forward.


Leandro Cabrera – CB – 72 OVR I nearly overlooked Getafe through and through which despite the fact that would have been criminal was conceivably the right choice with Cabrera being a finished punt. Getafe has exceeded expectations in La Liga this season is the unexpected bundle in the division. An enormous piece of their prosperity has been down to the cautious side of their game and Cabrera has been ever-present in that back line, regularly grabbing high match appraisals.

Oyarzabal – LW – 80 OVR I don’t know to what extent Sociedad will almost certainly keep hold of Oyarzabal, the Spanish adolescent has exceeded expectations this season, dealing with a noteworthy 13 objectives. He has played in various positions, all of which have been in the midfield or wing however with his, IF coming as a LW and most of his matches being down the left flank I do believe that should he make EA’s side that he will be put as a LW.

Santi Cazorla – CM – OVR 80 Until a late flood in structure saw Villarreal move up the table it looked as if they would have been confronting a genuine transfer risk. That doesn’t generally go connected at the hip with TOTS choices yet Cazorla has been their best player by a long shot, making the CM emerge. He at present acquires the third most noteworthy help count with 10 and with four objectives to his name also turns into a solid contender for TOTS.

Wissam Ben Yedder – ST – OVR 82 There were such a significant number of strikers that were in conflict for a TOTS detect this season with a few 14/15 objective players in the end passing up a major opportunity. I chose Ben Yedder over the others on two conditions, right off the bat his help count, which remains at nine is higher than every single other hopeful and also the reality he got a winter overhaul thing from EA, demonstrating that they have officially perceived his exhibitions this season.

Antoine Griezmann – ST – OVR 89 I really wound up with Griezmann on the edge of this side, thus being just on the stores yet at last can I truly forget him, particularly with him being Atletico’s primary objective risk, a side that completed second. Also the notoriety he holds. With 15 objectives and 9 helps, he has assumed a tremendous job in Atletico’s season, yet finds himself down in eighth for the brilliant boot race. More FIFA 19 TOTS related tips you can read this article: With the Coming FIFA 19 TOTS – How to Get Safe FIFA 19 Coins in a Low Price?