FUT Champions News and Updates for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Part 2

Electronic Arts announced that they have extended the round 17 of Weekend League for 24 hours, which means that the first daily knockout of the round 18 will be 24 hours shorter. This change is valid for any of the three platforms: Playstation 4, XBox One and PC Origin. You can check yourself in-game the new expiration time or you can simply check our updated calendar.

FUT Champions rewards of Silver 2 and above will now grant access to the next Weekend League. The new number of wins required to gain the qualification reward will be 11 wins and above. By moving the benchmark to Silver 2, we will grow the overall size of the weekend league slightly and enable an earlier stop-point for players wanting to earn requalification. The stats show that a high percentage of players will find themselves qualified to the next Weekend League after 20-23 games and many much faster than that. This change retains the structure we have in place to find the best FUT players in the world, while keeping competitive play available and accessible for all FUT players.

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