FUT Champions News and Updates for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Part 3

A new title update is making a few changes to all Weekend League matches:
✔ All matches will now take place in the FeWC Stadium, with the Time of Day always set to night and weather always set to clear.
✔ The pre-match screens will no longer display which teams is the home team or away team; instead, players will always see their team on the left side of the screen, with their opponent’s team displaying on the right side.
✔ You will no longer see your opponent’s kits in either gameplay or the pre-match screens; instead, you will see opponent wearing your unselected active kit.
✔ The kit selection and match preview screens have been updated as a result of this change.
✔ The orbit camera can now be used when watching FUT Champions Channel replays.

VfL MegaBit1848 won all the 160 matches of November. On Playstation 4, two players did the same: xShellzz and EpokSnusFC.

Ultimate’s Corentin Thuillier was, for the first time ever, the Playstation 4 player with more wins in the month. MSdossary7 was the October’s winner on XBox One.

The third game update disabled the FIFA Trainer within FUT Champions.

FUT Champions Weekly Rewards were slightly delayed on all platforms: 15 minutes for XBox One and PC; three hours later for who plays on Playstation 4.

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