EA Confirms That There Is No Change In The FIFA 19 Professional Club And Career Model

As the release date approaches, more and more information about FIFA 19 is made public. This new work has undergone tremendous changes in the “starting”, “soccer journey” and “UT” modes, but EA officially confirmed the occupation that the team mode and career mode will remain unchanged.

Players who are looking forward to these two modes will undoubtedly feel regret. In fact, these two models have a large number of players to stop, but EA Sports is more willing to bring new content to the model that can increase revenue.

In the career mode, the player can become the club’s head coach or player to start a football career. In the professional club, the player can create a player and join an online club to play online games with up to 11 players vs 11 players. If the two modes have not changed, the qualifying mode “season” should not change.

However, the “starting” brought a new attempt, adding a number of different rules of the branch mode, in addition to the UEFA Champions League friendly, but also includes the “House Rules” mode that can customize the rules of the game, each ball will be randomly reduced A player’s survival mode, random mode, “First to. . .” selecting the victory target, long-distance mode with 2 points outside the penalty area, “Headers & Volleys” with ineffective goal scores for sports and other entertainments game mode.

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