FIFA 18 Gameplay: Some Bugs of FIFA 18

I found several times when I play a long pass to get the quick attack, fast forward throw off the full back, chest stop the ball is straight down, not forward trip, the result was the other defender knocked over.
I use the traditional defense, I found opponent would long pass a lot of time , or the ball hit some one then went away, if I have been press B and acceleration, the player will not move, to relax, then press will move, I began to think whether it is too far away from the ball, AI Automatically do not chase, the result many times the ball can be clearly chased, the result I have been pressing him not to move, have to relax and then go back chase.
Also playing the league, I found that for 10 games, there are 8 games are raining day, I need to manually tune into a sunny day, sometimes really tired of the rain. It’s really tired for me to do this, I really like fifa 18, but what should I do. I hope I can play it better in the future.