How Does FIFA 19 Defend?

Defensive operation


LB button: change player

Right stick + direction: switch player (manual)

B key: steal/push or pull (when chasing)

X button: shovel

B key: clearance

LT key hold: follow / prevent / stabilize

A key hold: help

RB key hold: teammates defense

LT key + RT key: running and defending

X button: Get up quickly (after using the shovel)

LT button + left joystick: try to defend against the opponent

Y key hold: goalkeeper quick attack

Right rocker and hold + right joystick: move the goalkeeper

Right rocker hold down: goalkeeper guards the far column

BACK button: switch the goalkeeper



B or X: Kick off the Earth

A key: toss/pass

Y button: put down the ball

RB button: Ryukyu

RB + A button: vigorously throw the ball

RB button + X button: kicking the ball on the back

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