How Does FIFA 19 Sqb Quickly Increase Points?

Sqb points promotion Raiders

First, Sqb computer play

First of all, I will share with you the rules of Sqb computer play. Here I have seen a lot of Twitch anchor analysis. In fact, the Sqb computer is very fixed, so there is a corresponding way for this fixed style of play. , divided into the following three stages:

(1) The first is the breakthrough in the middle: the legendary computer, the first 30 minutes, will first choose the middle road breakthrough, mainly through the 2 over 1 table tennis method, looking for long-range opportunities near the restricted area, and then score.

(2) If the middle road breakthrough is unsuccessful, it will change the tactical choice pass, the legendary level computer, if in the first 30 minutes or so, the middle road breakthrough has failed, it will start looking for opportunities on the side, through the brainless pass, use the header Open the deadlock.

(3) The final sprint stage: After 70 minutes (about 67-72 minutes), the computer will change the dynamic tactics, become the mad dog mode, will actively force the defender’s ball, fully press the line width and depth, and the computer Physical strength, I feel that it can’t be used, but our players’ physical strength will drop, so the legendary computer often completes several goals in the last 20 minutes. This 20 minute has become the key to keeping the results.

The above (1) (2) (3) is the offensive law of the legendary computer. I think it is related to the dynamic tactics in the different situations when programming. For this kind of law, we also need to modify the dynamic tactics and the targeted response.

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