How to Build You FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

There certain aspects that you must keep in mind when you are building your Ultimate Team. At the start, it is highly recommended that you keep your hand to yourself and do not bid on expensive legend players. Use your currency to rent out some good players and start grinding the mode for more gold coins.

Apart from this, another thing you must keep in mind is the chemistry between your team. This is very important for your team. Each player should be complimenting each other and they should compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

Having a good chemistry in your team will greatly increase your chances of winning more and more challenges and games. You should be building up your team considering the chemistry of your team and not just by best players.

Choose “Concept Squad” and you will get an opportunity to build the team of your dreams without any expense. Choose a formation and players for each position. This will help you determine the chemistry of your team.
This is a great way of experiencing an Ultimate Team without spending any money on players yet. Once you are satisfied with a team, lock it down and start working on obtaining all your required player cards.