How To Choose the FIFA 19 Pioneering Lineup?

Land reclamation lineup recommended

The first league is the Premier League, the backup forward is Arnautovic, because some people will want the 4-4-2 formation, so I will use 433 as the standard for each squad and then put a forward for the player who wants to use the 4-4-2 formation. Because the Premier League is usually relatively expensive, personally feel that the price of this league is not particularly high, the left-back choice is actually Robertson or Van Anjo. The first 3 arrows are fast and smart players. Lucas is a more important point, because the best month of the first month of the Premier League is Lucas, so I feel that his price is a bit high now, but the choice of the right side of the Premier League is not particularly large, because he exists alone in the first Third gear, so I still put him in. If you think his price is not suitable, you can choose a player like Shaquille or Dewu. Another option is that Black Card Pepe of Ligue 1 will be full of chemistry when the game is placed on the right side of the midfield. Personal feeling is a relatively stable choice.

The second league is La Liga. The strong pusher of this line is forward Rodrigo. The other positions are relatively balanced. Deng Bray is very good this year and his teammate Malcolm is another choice. In the midfield, on the Xbox side. Condado is a very difficult player to buy because the player’s value is bright and the top price is low, Condado’s price should be stable in the 1.5w-2w range, it will be a French and La Liga set A good player to use.

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