How to Defend in FIFA 18?

Your defending needs to be planned and much more cautious, diving into tackles could get you in serious trouble.Only six commands are required to completely revamp your defending style.
— Standing Tackle – Press B/Circle(The longer you hold B/Circle, the longer the reach of your tackle will be.)
— Jockey – Hold LT/L2(In combination with the standing tackle, using the LT/L2 button to jockey your opponent is crucial. Make sure to get the timing correct, otherwise your player is at risk of completely collapsing the defense due to one mistimed, open-field tackle.)
— Contain – Press A/X(do not hold A/X down for longer than two seconds.The ‘contain’ is best used when your opponent is changing direction quickly and you’re unsure about committing to a tackle – essentially when your player is ‘on skates.’)
— Sliding Tackle – Press X/Square(press X/Square, it’s always a risky move, so never use a slide tackle unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll reach the ball or you’re making a last-ditch effort in front of goal.)
— Second man press – Hold RB/R1(Use it when you yourself are blocking off passing lanes, so you can draw one of your other defenders in to cover your man.Only use it as a complementary tool to pile pressure on your opponent.)
— Player switching – Either press LB/L1, or move the Right Stick in the direction of the defender you’d like to switch to.