How to Play FUT 19 Like a PRO – FIFA 19 Beginning Tips – TRICKS & TUTORIAL

In FIFA19, the reasonable use of the previous coins and packs can bring great convenience to subsequent games. Many novice players do not know how to use coins and packs cost-effectively.

Today, I will bring you the practical beginning skills of FIFA19, I hope to help everyone.

  • Using gold coins to open a packs is a shortcut, but enough is enough.
  • It is only after 3pm (UK) that the latest TOTW card can be obtained.
  • Beginner should give priority to completing the beginning tasks. In addition, the packs given by the task can be saved after 3pm, and there is still a chance to get the TOTW card.
  • Dynamic cards are currently not available. It is said that after the 28th, the rational distribution of the points is a top priority.
  • The coach card can add to the contract card. At the beginning, the coins are very expensive. Don’t use it to buying a jersey or some team badges, and pay directly to buy the player you want most.
  • The general trend of all cards is getting cheaper over time. The top gold card price is particularly fast, but usually the cheapest price will appear in half a month.
  • SBC missions that are not tradeable should be cautious. Once the SBC team lineup is submitted, it cannot be retrieved (small chances are retrieved and the substitutes will not be submitted).
  • The player who started out is 10 chemistry in the case of full chemistry, and the player who bought it is 9 chemistry (it will become 10 chemistry after 10 games).
  • Don’t abandon the silver card and bronzer card.