FIFA 18 Gameplay: How to Play the 11 VS 11 Mode Best?

The model of FIFA is mainly the traditional standalone mode(Hunter story mode, friendly match, self-create cup match, authorized national league, personal career of standalone mode, personal manager career of standalone mode, etc.) and the various online modes which are the current mainstream(UT, 11 v11 clubs, online friendly match, online random one-on-one hit , etc.).

The Pro Club model is a unique online model of legitimate FIFA which is produced by EA gaming company in every year.

This model belongs to an online section in the FIFA. And it has developed for many years. In simple terms, 11 players form a club, and one player is responsible for one position (If there is no one in a certain position, this position will be replaced and manipulated by AI.). All the element of appearance and the ability of individual attributes of the players is cultivated and designed by players themselves. Such a club searches for other online players to form a team and it is divided into 1/0 levels of league of simulation of football.

The “hardcore game” mode, which is the closest approach to a real football game, is different from other football gaming modes that control 11 robots by hands.

The model requires one person to control one football star and to be responsible for a professional position. The person should act as the football player 90 minutes on the pitch to complete no ball running and ball operation. It is  difficult, because it requires players to have all aspects of football skills.

For PC platforms, this model itself has a certain threshold of hardware requirements: it needs to configure a good PC, buy the latest original FIFA at the end of September every year, configure the licensed handle (recommend Microsoft), and configure the network accelerator every month in order to make sure the network of the game not be obstructed and dropped. Once the new players have the software and hardware threshold above, he/she can realize the unique charm of the mode which is aimed at pursuing a real football match and advocating the competition of 11 Vs 11. The real and exciting game experience also makes the players of this mode have higher game loyalty than other player groups.

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