How to Score Every Single Long-Range Shot?

Having problems scoring worldies in FIFA 18? Then these tips are for you.

There are two types of long shots – the finesse and the power shots. Remember, always try to perform finesse shots with the player’s dominant foot.

With long power shots, only use the weak foot if your player has a three star weak foot rating.

Finesse shots

These are the most overpowered shots in the game – and are lethal when in the right position.

When you’re just outside the box, as per the below screenshot, you’re going to need at least two and half bars of power.

If you’re at the below angle, aim the thumb stick down and slightly to the right.

Next up, if you’re heading for goal at the below angle, you’re going to need two and a half to three bars of power.

Then, as per the below, move the thumb stick slightly down and to the left.

For an approach from the other angle, running ‘away’ from the near side, simply add two and a half to three bars of power and shift the analogue to the left and slightly up. Then sit back and watch the ball fly in.

Long range power shots

The most effective, and easiest, way of scoring from range comes when approaching the goal head on.

Make sure to have at least three bars of power, as per below, and aim the analogue stick to the right and slightly up.

If you’ve got a player with decent accuracy and shot power, then the ball should sail into the back of the net.

Now go try them out!