How will the FIFA 19 Changes Affect Gameplay?

Like in previous years, getting used to the new changes takes a while to get used to. To help assist you with the new gameplay features before you start playing competitive online or offline games, you can use the FIFA Trainer to guide you through the process.

When learning Timed Finishing, the FIFA Trainer will display a coloured bar over your player, with sliders indicating where to perform the second button press to produce a perfect shot. Anyone who has played golf games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour will be familiar with this process, as you aim to push the button right in the green-coloured sweet spot.

With the FIFA Trainer turned off in proper games, you can still see that your timing was perfect as the player indicator will glow following a successful attempt – that and the ball rocketing into the corner of the net, of course!

EA Sports expects Active Touch to be the real game-changer in FIFA 19, claiming that “by unlocking so many innovative methods to interact with the ball and injecting a higher level of control into every movement, Active Touch makes FIFA 19 feel more realistic than any other moment in the series’ rich history.”

It should provide for more varied games and also mean that gamers will have to look for spaces to exploit in opposition defences rather than attempt the same tried-and-tested approaches to goalscoring that exist in other video games.

Dynamic Tactics should ensure the end of ultra-defensive gameplay from some online gamers, who played deep and counter-attacked with speedy players on the wings or up front. Tactics like “Pressure or Heavy Touch” can be applied to close down defensive-minded opponents and cause them to make riskier choices or mistakes that result in winning the ball back.

The way off-the-ball players perform is also affected by the new Dynamic Tactics improvements. Possession-based tactics will see players move into positions to receive the ball safely, while counter-attacking approaches make players advance up the field quickly to break through the opposition defence.

After changing your tactics in-game using the D-Pad, the notification will stay on the screen for a couple of seconds, allowing you to ensure you’ve made the right change. This will stop you sending the centre-back up for the attack when you merely wanted the wide players to switch wings.

Gamers will also have to get used to the new 50/50 Battles system, which decides the outcome of each challenge based on the individual player’s in-game attributes as well as how the user themselves reacts and responds using the controller. As a result, strong, slow defenders should easily outmuscle smaller, quick strikers – much like in real-life.

A minor but important change is the improvement of the mini-map to make one team have triangular icons and the other circles. This will help users quickly tell their players apart – something which was often a problem on smaller screens when teams were wearing similar colours.

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