In Ultimate Team, Never Buy Gold Packs

Ultimate Team is built around tempting you into dropping big coins – whether real or in-game – on shiny gold packs. The trouble is, hundreds of thousands of gamers cave to that temptation daily, meaning the market is constantly saturated with gold cards.

From a standard pack costing 5K you’ll be lucky to make back 2K on the secondary market; whereas bronze and silver packs cost comparative peanuts, yet almost always turn a profit due to the scarcity of those card types.

Open bronze or silver packs, stash any non-duplicate players in your club, and then every Friday night check the Marquee Matchups area of Squad Building Challenges. Take note of the eight sides featured in Marquee Matchups, then go into your club and list any players from those teams on the transfer market, being sure to choose a Buy It Now price in line with their current value. In this way we made 13 million coins in FIFA 17, and are already closing in on 2 million profit from FIFA 18.

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