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At the End of an Era draws, Carniball returns to Season 2 of FIFA Mobile featuring Masked and regular Carniballers, some of them will be familiar to Season 1 veterans. Headlined by Juventus’ 92 CAM Paulo Dybala, Chelsea’s 91 LM Pedro Rodríguez, and RB Leipzig’s 90 ST Jean-Kévin Augustin as the three 90+ Master Carniballers, this 7 day/12 hour cyclical promotion circulates around 20 players from Carnival regions featuring more Training XP, coins, Skill Boosts, and the players themselves.

In a Campaign-style promotion Season 2 Carniball showcases four themed Paths based on Brazilian, German, Spanish, and Rest of the World Carnivals. Completing all four paths will unlock Masked Prime Icon Carles Puyol’s node, but like Prime Ronaldinho, Prime Lothar Matthaüs and Prime Marco van Basten, his node has lofty requirements of its own.

Carniball uses Masks and Confetti as currency, and you can earn Masks through the Main Event Chapter. For those who lost the timezone lottery for End of an Era, Carniball is much gentler on your sleeping patterns. Refreshing every 12 hours are four unlockable repeatable events for 2 Stamina that guarantee an Unlocked Mask and 1,500 coins on the first win, and 1-5 Confetti with a chance at Broken Masks on repeat wins. Broken Masks have a trade-in in the Store for a random Mask (10 Broken Masks) or a specific Mask (15 Broken Masks).

Starting with only Brazil Masks and the Brazil event unlocked, the remaining 3 Masks and their related events will unlock as you progress through the Parade Chapter. Thus, to earn all 4 guaranteed Masks every 12 hours you will need to unlock all 4 paths as soon as possible.

Besides Dybala and Pedro, Hoffenheim’s 88 RF Mark Uth and Newcastle’s 84 CF Ayoze Pérez also return as Carniballers, Uth as Masked player, and Pérez as a regular Carniballer.

All 12 Carniballers are auctionable straight away, while the 8 Masked players — two for each region — are not tradable until after the Carniball event ends. Two players apiece for central positions – ST, CF, CM, CDM, CB, and GK — supplement the lone wide men — RF, RW, RM, RB, LM, LB, and Dybala’s CAM. Pedro’s LM will be a much valued player amongst the trending 3-at-the-back formations, a useful alternative to POTM Depay and a long awaited upgrade on Now and Later Hazard.

AS Roma’s 85 RW Gerson and AS Monaco’s 86 LB Jorge represent Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro region, home of arguably the most famous Carnival. They feature along the top Brazil line in the Parade Chapter with 22 million coins obtainable and chances at any of the 3 Brazil Nominee players, requiring Brazil Masks to complete nodes.

Gerson’s node on the Brazil Path is where the German Path splits off. Mark Uth and Hamburger SV’s 86 CDM Gideon Jung represent the German Carnival contingent, and can be found along the German Path with 4.1 million Training XP available. Nodes use German Masks as currency, and have chances at any of the 3 Nominee German players.

Jung’s node on the German Path leads the way to the Spanish Path where Tenerife-born Pedro and Madrid local 88 ST Fernando Torres embody the many Spanish Carnival celebrations held around the country, with 3,500 Skill Boosts and chances at the 3 Spaniard Nominees up for grabs here.

Below Torres’ node in the Spanish Path is the Rest of the World Path where Augustin and Dybala’s mask celebrations await those looking for XP, coins, and Skill Boosts. 5.6 million coins, 1.125 million Training XP and 1,125 Skill Boosts are node rewards along with the chances at the 3 World Nominee players.

Finally, completing all four Paths unlocks Prime Puyol’s node. In addition to grinding your way through the various Paths you will need a 110+ OVR team with 8 Carniballers to earn Puyol.

In a similar vein to Bonus Points in TOTY, Confetti can be earned by playing events in the Main and Parade Chapters, and is used in the Store to buy rotating bonus offers. Of course, FIFA Point packs are available to speed your progress along, with generic Carniball Packs along with region specific Mask Packs and Bundles available in the Store.

Scattered throughout the Parade Chapter are Reward nodes offering a regular and a dynamic Carniball logo, and a Carniball trophy that requires a full team of Carniballers.

Unlocking the German Mask and Event requires 8 Brazil Masks, the Spanish Mask requires 20 German Masks, and the World Mask requires 35 Spanish Masks. If you only play the guaranteed event once every 12 hours, you can only get 14 Masks in total (4 days of only Brazil Events, followed by 3 days of Brazil/Germany Events).

Carniball is an event designed to reward grinders with only 56 guaranteed Masks available over the whole event. Completing the Brazil Path requires 228 Brazil Masks, the German Path needs 8 Brazil Masks to unlock, followed by 220 German Masks to complete. 8 Brazil Masks, 20 German Masks, and 200 Spanish Masks to complete the Spain Path, and 8 Brazil, 20 German, 35 Spanish, and 165 World Masks to finish the World Path. With 228 Masks required to complete any one Path, a lot of grinding and/or packs to obtain the maximum rewards will be needed.

If you have some saved up FP, or are looking at spending, my advice is to spend early to unlock as many guaranteed Masks you can. It will also provide you with more of a variety of events to grind. With no Weekend Tournament to offer extra Masks, you’ll have to rely on grinding the Live Event, but be prepared to spend a lot of Stamina, as each event only has a Chance at Broken Masks with 10 Broken Masks equalling one random Mask, and 15 Broken Masks allows you to choose a Mask of your choice.

If you can, hold off on the specific Mask trade-ins, as the Live Event guaranteed Masks are random, and you could end up with too many of one kind and not enough of another.

You earn 1-5 Confetti on each repeated Live Event win, and 5 Confetti per Mask used in the Parade Chapter. Every 12 hours one specific Mask will be available in the Store for 75 Confetti and can be claimed three times, so don’t worry if you don’t get many Broken Masks as Confetti will give you Masks too, albeit more slowly.

Assuming a 2 Confetti/event average makes 37 Events per Mask, plus how ever many Broken Masks you get, so watch all your ads for Stamina, and conserve your Stamina in Campaigns. For your daily achievements, Eastern Europe 1.2 costs 2 Stamina and requires you to score only one goal in a 1v1 scenario. If the Mask on offer doesn’t take your fancy, 200/250/300/400 Confetti will get you a player from that one of the four regions, and 50 Confetti can be traded in for one of coins/Training XP/Skill Boosts.

You should be aiming to complete a little bit of each Path, 63 Masks will reward you with coins, XP, Skill Boosts, 85 Gerson, 86 Jung, and 88 Torres. This opens up all 4 Live Events, giving more Masks as you progress. After this, choose whichever resource you require the most out of coins (Brazil), XP (Germany), Skill Boosts (Spain) or a bit of everything (World) and focus on making your way through that Path.

The art team at EA have outdone themselves again with some fantastic card art – check them out over on the comparison page.

No new Skill Boosts, the highest rated LM so far, 12-hour event timers, and no more VSA make Carniball a relaxing change from End of an Era. A ton of resources — 27.6 million coins, 5.225 million Training XP, and 4,625 Skill Boosts — and Prime Icon Puyol allow for improvements and investments whether you’re looking for a new player to use or want to train your current squad.

However, Carniball is an event that only gives out what you put in and requires heavy grinding for the better rewards. If you’re looking for lots of resources for minimal effort, Carniball might not be for you — there’s a February Calendar ongoing that will give you freebies for logging in instead.