Ahead of Decision Day and the final rounds of the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs, Mosaad “MSDossary” Aldossary chatted briefly with EA SPORTS about the tournament so far, who his toughest opponents have been, and the 2018 World Cup Russia.

EA SPORTS: What do you think about the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs so far?

MSDossary: About my performance, I’m doing really good and I hope I can play the same today. With everything the EA guys are doing really brilliant stuff, I hope they can do the same for the next event.

EA: What was your toughest match so far?

MSD: My toughest match I guess was my last match against inF Di Gianni, because I was really under pressure. But I won, so [I’m going] to London. Nothing else matters.

EA: You mentioned before the Playoffs that you didn’t want to play NRaseck7. When you saw that you were paired with him at the end of the group stage, what was going through your head?

MSD: He’s actually a really good player. We both know each other’s style, so that makes it even harder. I don’t want to play him [again], I still might if we both go through to the semi-final. I still hope he doesn’t make it so I don’t have to play him.

EA: Who do you think is the best player still in the Playoffs?

MSD: I think in FIFA, you can’t say just one player. So I’ll say three: NRaseck7, FaZe Gorilla, and Kurt0411.

EA: Your next opponent is Hashtag DreamR, have you done any preparation for that match?

MSD: I watched his last game against RemiMartinn, he’s really good. Looking forward to how the match will be.

EA: Since you’ve already qualified for London, is that distracting you or are you focused on the rest of this tournament?

MSD: To be honest, after I won Manchester…when I’m here I don’t care so much that I’ll be a champion, I just want to be in London. Though I will say that because I did win Manchester, it would feel really good to be a back-to-back champion.

EA: In the actual 2018 World Cup in Russia, are there any teams you’re rooting for and/or predicting to win?

MSD: There is my national team, Saudi [Arabia], I hope they can do good. But I think Round of 16 will be more than enough. If I had to guess another national team to win it, I’d have to go with Spain.

EA: Any predictions for the World Cup Golden Boot?

MSD: It’s really between [Lionel] Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo], like it always is. But I hope to see a new name.

EA: There’s been a lot of chatter about the way you hold your controller. What’s the story behind that?

MSD: Actually, there’s a story. I played with my cousin and he was talking to me about how we could hold the controller like this. I realized that all the professional players hold it the same way. At the first major [FIFA] event I went to, everyone was talking about the way I grab the controller and I just said “ah, I’ve told you, I have a special way!” I don’t know, everyone is asking how, but I don’t know. That’s just how I do it.

EA: Do you feel like it gives you any sort of advantage?

MSD: Yeah, I think it gives me an advantage because I can use more fingers.

EA: Any other thoughts on the Playoffs?

MSD: I really hope that the best player wins and that the viewers enjoy it.
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