New ‘Path to Glory’ In-Form Cards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

EA Sports announced a new kind of “special” card on the “Path to Glory” card of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.
New green and blue cards are released, and international breaks are done when players fight to win and win in the World Cup game.
EA put this fight into a card that is automatically updated when the player receives another special card.
If the player wins the weekly team, the person of the game, a hero, or a record breaker card.

The PTG card automatically updates all the statuses to suit the player’s latest special card. However, even if the new form is in the new position the position will not be changed.
The map changed the club and league when the player moved or when it became a different team, but this only happens if the player receives another information card or special card with the new team.
Most of the tickets are available at a limited time, but 4 of the cards are exclusive taxes of Squad Builder Challenges. Jermaine Defoe, Jonathan Viera Ramos, Mario Gomez, Emiliano Rigoni are SBC taxes.

There are a total of nine Premier League PTG players: Thieme · Bakayoko Defoe, Marus rashford, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sanne, Renato Sanchez, Joe Heart, Danny Wellbeck and Alex Chamberlain.
Jesus is particularly popular among its ultimate team players this year in terms of its lightness and clinical safety.
Other attack cards are Real Madrid Marx Associio and former West Ham Dimitri Dimitri Payette.

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