New Volta League of Football

There’s likewise Volta LEAGUE which is like the Online Seasons of past FIFAs. With this online associated mode we’re giving the network the capacity to coordinate PvP to play once a day keeping your abilities sharp and the fun going. Pick your match settings, select a home turf that suits your play style, welcome companions, and contend no holds barred against your friends through advancement and transfer both home and away with online Volta LEAGUE.


There are two or three central viewpoints to movement inside Volta Football.

Squad Management:

In Squad Management you can arrange your beginning line-up for every Volta Football match type.

Pick a development that best suits your playing style and cautiously pick which players will speak to you in that coordinate kind. There are no substitutions in Volta Football, so ensure you pick carefully!

As you enroll better players, your Squad Rating will likewise go up flagging that you’re prepared to confront harder restriction.

Group Chemistry is likewise a significant part of structure an effective Squad. A higher Chemistry worth will concede higher lifts to every one of the players present in the beginning line-up. A low science won’t punish you, however you may pass up getting the edge over your adversary on the off chance that you don’t organize it.

There are two things that can improve your general Team Chemistry:

Putting players in their favored positions in the group line-up

Ensuring that the players lean toward the arrangement in which they are playing

You can press <☐/X> on any player in Squad Management to see more insights concerning every one of them, including Chemistry data and a nitty gritty breakdown of every one of their qualities:

In Volta Football, you can assemble diverse Chemistry Styles relying upon the Home Court from which every player from your Squad starts.

There are 7 one of a kind Chemistry Styles that you can accomplish by structure Squads with different Home Court blends:

Volta World – Each player is from an alternate home court.

Solidarity – All players are from a similar home court.

Sister Cities – Three players are from a similar home court and two players are from another.

Group of four – Four players are from a similar home court.

Trinity – Three players are from a similar home court.

Twofold Duo – Two sets of players are from a similar home court.

Team – A couple of players is from a similar home court.

Every Chemistry Style helps various properties for each situation on the pitch. Note that just a single Chemistry Style can be dynamic at once for your Squad, so watch out for the one that best suits your playing style.

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