No Ronaldo Real Madrid Is Really Stronger?

After C Ronaldo and Real Madrid parted ways, I thought C Ronaldo would be a better party, but from the beginning of the season, the situation of both sides is exactly the opposite.

In the case of losing Cristiano Ronaldo and no top striker, the problems that the Spanish media have thrown at Real Madrid are: “How to fill the hole in C Ronaldo’s 50 goals per season?” This looks like a very serious problem, but Lope Teji said that this hole will be filled by the whole team.

Judging from the opening game, Real Madrid has a new look this season, the style of the game is pleasing to the eye, and the results are very stable. After three rounds of La Liga, they achieved the same victory as Barcelona. They did not reflect the sequelae of losing Ronaldo. Without C Ronaldo, they seemed to be stronger. This is compared with the start of last season, when Real Madrid was in the C Ronaldo after the suspension, the league cannot find the state, the first five rounds only won two victories, faded out of the ranks of the title.

When Lope Teji took office, the outside world commented that it was “smashing the water and drowning,” because he took over a real-time honor, and Real Madrid, which was in need of renovation, not to mention losing the number one star. The wise man Zidane had long seen that the signs were wrong, and the rapids and retreats went away. The task facing Lope Teji was very difficult.

But perhaps it was C Ronaldo’s departure that made his transformation so smooth. In the new season, Real Madrid’s style is different. In the past, they have mastered the control. No matter the number of passes, the possession rate or the success rate of passing, they have set a record and ranked in the forefront of La Liga. According to statistics, Real Madrid’s three passes in the game reached 2,375 times, the average ball control rate per game was 69.1%, and the pass success rate was 91.2%. All three data exceeded the Barcelona route.

If Ronaldo is still in the team, Lope Teji needs to consider the transformation of the system around him, but now, Lope Teji has only spent three games to let us see a completely different Real Madrid. With the ability of Real Madrid players, no matter what kind of game style can be controlled, it is only a matter of time and effect.

After Ronaldo left the team, Real Madrid did not lose the goal. In the past, Benzema, which was used as a downtime, was reactivated. Bell also raised the banner as expected. With the support of Real Madrid’s strong midfielder, the striker was liberated.  Benzema scored 4 goals in the first three games, tied with Messi to lead the shooter list, and is the player with the most goals in the league. C Ronaldo’s right to fire was dispersed by the players in the frontcourt, and it was more reasonable. In the first three games, Bell, Benzema, and Asencio were the main attack points of Real Madrid. Bell averaged 4 shots per game, and C Ronaldo went to Juventus. It took the right to fire, and averaged 7.7 shots per game, the most for all Serie A.

Compared with the more blooming Real Madrid, Ronaldo has not opened a goal account in Serie A. At this stage, this is not enough to be a reason to question him. Just landing in the new league, need to adapt to the time, need to increase the integration with teammates, and we should get used to the 33-year-old Ronaldo to gradually adjust the state every season. In the 2017-18 season, C Ronaldo was in the doldrums in the first half, and he continued to exert his strength in the second half and the Champions League, helping the team achieve the Champions League triple.

As for Real Madrid under Lopez, he did show a new look. He didn’t coach Ronaldo so he couldn’t talk about Ronaldo. He wouldn’t have concerns about Ronaldo like fans. Joining is still Zidane’s incumbent, then C Ronaldo’s departure may cause the system to collapse, but the new Lope Teji does not have such problems.

Real Madrid now performs better in the league than last season, but isn’t it stronger than last season? It depends on how to define “strong”. Last season, Real Madrid won the Champions League, and the strength is undoubtedly the strongest in Europe, but the league is defeated. In the Champions League, C Ronaldo has come forward at key moments several times before he makes Real Madrid all the way. Real Madrid this season, stability is better than last season, the chance of overturning the gutter is reduced. The cap of the team has yet to be tested by the Champions League. At that time, it is most important to be able to stand up for C Ronaldo. This person may be Bell, Benzema, or Lopez. Whether it is Real Madrid or Cristiano Ronaldo, they must wait until the end of the season.

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