One Of Four Major Innovations Of FIFA 19:Active Touch System

The Active Touch System is a rewrite of how the game calculates every moment in which a player touches the ball in the game. This system has more animation variety, fluidity, and responsiveness that creates more natural football moments when you see the players behaving more realistically on the virtual pitch.

Additionally, there are new tools that we were able to implement with this system.

  • Flicks — By flicking or pressing the right stick, you will be able to flick the ball any time and in any direction to beat your opponent or start a self-initiated volley. The longer you hold the stick, the further the ball will go. The ball control player attribute will determine how effective each player’s flicks are in the game.
    • Sole Trap – Another new animation that is used similar to how flicks are, but you must hold the LT/L2 button to bounce the ball on the ground to beat an opponent.
  • Disguised ball control — A feint used to fool defenders into moving the wrong direction when controlling the ball. Get closer to the real-world game by using the same moves that pros like Toni Kroos use to create space, send defenders the wrong way, and open up the game for your team. The mechanic is R1/RB + left stick to the direction that the ball is going.
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