Preheating for FIFA 19? FIFA 18 Week Mission Update, Juventus C Ronaldo is Coming!

Recently, the FIFA 18UT mode has updated the weekly task, and the most attractive one is the Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus.

After making the most important transfer in the transfer market this summer, Juventus has been able to grab Real Madrid’s status in both the real world and the game due to the addition of Ronaldo. In the latest week of the FIFA 18 week mission, the corresponding Juventus players will be available after completing the mission, including the Ronaldo who just transferred.

Judging from the mission news given by the official website, in addition to the ability to get Pianic with a power of 86, Chiellini of 89, Alex Sando of 86 and Szczesny of 82, the player also have the opportunity to get a C Ronaldo with an ability of 94. Missed the winter transfer update in the game, therefore, if you want to use the Cristiano Ronaldo of the Juventus account, players may have to wait until FIFA 19.

Therefore, this time, the C Ronaldo obtained through the weekly task is only renting 15 games, which can be regarded as a warm-up for FIFA 19. After all, want to use Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a full Juventus account, and can only wait for the official launch of FIFA 19 in September.

However, due to the determination to join the Super League, I believe that the FIFA 19 market in China will never be bad. What kind of appearance will FIFA 19 meet with players, let us wait and see!

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