Sam ‘Poacher’ Carmody’s top 10 tips and tricks

  1. Sam ‘Poacher’ Carmody is an 18 year old professional FIFA player for AS Roma
  2. He got better at the game by playing against strong opponents and learning
  3. Poacher has plenty of tips and tricks to help you improve your Ultimate Team


Play against tougher opponents

‘I played competitive tournaments online, and that’s what really helped me, playing against pros. To anyone out there who actually wants to become pro, make sure you’re playing against people better than you so you can learn.’

Watch YouTube videos

‘Watching YouTube videos can help a lot, watching other people’s gameplay, seeing what they do, and integrating that into your game.’

Use what’s overpowered

‘It’s quite similar to last year at the moment. There was a recent patch, and right now driven shots are overpowered. So is the backwards body feint, ball rolls, that kind of thing.’

Build the best team you can

Not everyone will have the time to get the best players, but you can at least pay attention to what the pros are doing. Poacher’s squad is already strong, but he has plans to make it even better.

The right stats for forwards

‘I like to have wingers, Neymar has 5 star skills, 5 star weak foot, he can go to the right, he can go to the left, he’s really quick, really good at dribbling.

‘Then up front, Ronaldo and Suarez. Ronaldo’s just a beast, he finishes everything, same with Suarez. He’s not as quick and doesn’t have the skills, but he definitely does the job.’

The right stats for midfielders

‘For the CDM, they need to be around 6’2”, about 70 pace, have good defending and physical stats, but also they can’t have 50 passing or dribbling, else they’ll just lose the ball.

‘The centre mids have to be well rounded. With Pogba, he’s good at everything. Ousmane is weird because I play him at centre mid even though he doesn’t have the defending and physical, but it works because he’s so quick and I can pressure down opponents.’

The right stats for defenders

right stats for defenders  ‘For defenders it’s basic things, like the full backs need pace. Height helps but it’s not absolutely necessary. The centre backs need like 70 to 75 pace, and they need to be tall. I can’t be having a 5’ 8” centre back.’

Save money for the best players

‘I don’t have the funds for Icons at the moment. At the moment, we’re about a month into the game and I don’t have all the money in the world.

‘Hopefully soon I can get some Icons in the team. Right now I’m off to a good start with Ronaldo, but maybe in a month or two I’ll have the Icon Ronaldo, Pele, Ronaldinho, that kind of thing.’

Defend the right way

‘Right now with the patch, you can control your CDM, and literally just run around with your CDM and it’ll be fine because the AI has been boosted.’

Find your play style

‘I like skills, I’ve been trying a few skills out that nobody uses like the flip-flap, sombrero flick. I like that flair. Quick passing is good, but I like to play lots of different styles. One week I’ll be playing really quick passing, next week I’ll be playing 4-3-2-1 possession style.’